Challenge of Envy

Prosperity attracts envy from those who would do you harm.

Photography is a minor skill I could develop into something, though I have zero talent for painting.

Photography is a minor skill I could develop into something, though I have zero talent for painting.

The path to prosperity follows a simple process of rules, often bringing with it success in many forms.  Unfortunately there are those on the path of prosperity who will envy your prosperity and seek to take it away from you.  I call the envious people parasites, their envy is a form of desire to destroy your prosperity, they are the people you need to avoid contact with at all costs.

The Daily Mail reports today on the story of an artistic prodigy called Kieron Williams of Norfolk in England.  Kieron is now at the age of 11 richer than his parents thanks to his exceptional skill at painting.  His parents have worked hard to allow Kieron the opportunity to market and sell his paintings, work at his own pace, and be a child.  Kieron even has his own lawyers who make sure his parents are handling his growing fortune in his best interests.

Envy is the shadow that follows Kieron.  Supposed friends of the family stopped contacting them after news of Kierons talent got out.  The “red-arrowed” comments of readers in the Daily Mail shows envy.  The wisdom of the parents of Kieron to home-school him rather than send him to secondary school protected their son from potentially predictable bullying.

You possess a talent or skill that will bring prosperity to your door.  Be a success, and ignore the envious parasites.


12 responses to “Challenge of Envy

  1. envy is very politically expedient — some make a very good living from it in the US.

    I always believe, I am not diminished by your success.

  2. What a strange species we are at times!

  3. People never cease to amaze me at how little they can be. The only reason to envy this child’s talent is because they want more than they have, those people are plain unhappy and never will find that elusive ingredient they think they are missing. Good for the parents for home schooling and giving their child as much of a normal childhood as they can.

  4. That’s terrible. You would have thought they would have been supportive. As said above those people must have something missing from their lives that they fill by berating others.

  5. I just discovered your site, Alex – it’s great! Thanks for this particular posting. What a pity we can’t enjoy another’s success and rejoice with him/her. This young man has been graced with a talent that gives the world a resting place from the madhouse it has become. Thanks for letting us know about him!

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