Nature is the ultimate authority

Working with nature in humility leads to prosperity.

Nature is naturally abundant if you work with it.

Nature is naturally abundant if you work with it.

When Heraclitus says “follow the common” he is saying follow nature.  Nature is the ultimate authority.  We are part of nature.  Nature is more powerful than humanity.  History reveals following nature results in prosperity and conflicting with nature results in ruin.

Many of humanity are ignorant of nature. A survey asked UK children to identify trees, 54% managed to recognise holly, falling as low as 4% for hazel. Some UK children think eggs come from cows.

The global consumer culture views nature as an infinite exploitable commodity, an inconvenience to control or destroy, and a trash can. Nature is the over-worked mother beaten, whipped and humiliated by her lazy, stupid children.

The academic who dismisses my appeal to nature as an authority against his ignorant moralistic opinion moves me to despair, for nature is the ultimate authority, this is observable and demonstrable in truth.

Humanity has a choice between following nature or following their ignorant opinion.  Humanity can and will inflict ruin upon nature, but as Heraclitus infers, justice follows the ignorant people into their ruin.  The red line, the so-called tipping point exists at every level of the relationship between humanity and nature.  Iran will die as a nation inside 30 years as it is running out of water, the Iranian people will rebel long before it runs out of water as they cross the tipping-point of thirst.  Will the world take in over 18 million Iranians when their nation is uninhabitable?

People can believe what they like, but if they conflict with nature, ruin is the result.  This year marks the latest year of cow attacks that leave people injured or dead, the ignorant think cows are safe harmless creatures.  Ignorant people who build their houses on flood plains suffer floods.

The intelligent individual who works with nature enjoys prosperity.  If I was a farmer I would use nature as my ally.  I could layer my farm with multiple layers of plant and animal in a symbiotic relationship.  In a field I can plant cherry and apple trees.  I can introduce into the soil the mycorrhizal fungus which will invade the root systems of the cherry and apple trees which feeds the trees with nutrients and water in exchange for food.  Location of my bee hives close to fruit trees increases yields by 30%.  Flowers grown on the ground below the fruit trees offer a food source for the bees.  The use of hawks can guard the cherry trees from other birds.  The use of ozone-based storage facilities kills all fungi and bacteria, with zero-harm to humans, unless you breath the ozone in at the storage facility.  The idea of moving food straight from tree to ozone-storage then to the door of restaurants or homes on immediate internet demand keeps the food healthy and fresh.  All transport and running of operations powered by solar and wind energy.  This in theory is my way of working with nature.


11 responses to “Nature is the ultimate authority

  1. Nice capture, Alex.

  2. “never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.” – Juvenal

  3. Alex will be back to read again tomorrow and follow the links.. Time has run out today. 🙂

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