Nature is a web of life

A web of inter-connection exists in nature 

Magical rainbow over Hilly Filelds, Colchester.

The beauty of rainbows is their diversity of inter-connected colours.

I have seen no ladybirds this year. Two years ago the ladybirds were everywhere in Colchester, now there are none.  The long winter in the UK killed most of the ladybird population, which came out of hibernation too early, then starved to death.  Two extra years of long winter may result in all UK ladybirds going extinct. The ladybird-climate dilemma reveals how closely connected all plants and animals are to climate.

Yellowstone National Park in the USA reintroduced wolves, which had a hidden benefit to grizzly bears.  The wolves reduced the numbers of elk which had been feeding on the berry plants that grizzly bears depended on to survive the winter.

Ignorant people label nuisance plants as weeds or animals as pests, they fail to realise that all nature is inter-connected, something benefits from another.  People destroy wasps, but wasps keep insects that attack crops and vegetables under control. The missing ladybirds means growers lost an ally against aphid and black fly in the UK.

Every plant or animal lost undermines something else, a loss of an entire species in an ecosystem is a disaster.  Humanity is unable to see the direct connection between the loss of one animal or plant and the impact on another until it is too late.


13 responses to “Nature is a web of life

  1. I read that about the reintroduction of wolves during the week, a fine demonstration.


  2. So true! Thanks, bro! Cheers!

  3. I fully agree. The more we interfere, the more harm we are doing. We do not know the full natural inter-weaving of nature, we are still learning new and amazing things. I try my best to not kill anything, no matter how ‘pesty’ (except fleas, I really do hate fleas!)
    I was very sad to see this morning that the beautiful butterflies that have been flittering our garden this summer were unfortunately killed by our cat 😦 Needless to say, he is in my bad books right now.

    • Hi Reikiheidi, there is no wrong killing in self defense, and fleas are one of those I would also kill if they land on me.

      Cats are natural predators, even if you feed them, their natural hunting instincts drive them to hunt and kill.

      It is great people like you are mindful of looking out for nature, we need many more like us in the world.

  4. Thank you for this. I get so tired of listening to people complain about the wildlife They were here first, we invaded their space. It drives me nuts to see people who shoot every crow or groundhog that invades their property, just because they can. Every animal, insect, etc has a role and we need to leave it alone. I’m sorry you are losing your ladybirds, I think we are going to see more animals being lost to climate change.

    • I think it is inevitable some plants and animals will vanish due to climate change, nothing now can be done about that other than move endangered species to safer places that match their needs.

      Humanity has been around in any meaningful form less than 100,000 years. There are animal and plant species around today that have been around millions of years.

  5. Earth lost the dinosaurs and yet, here we are – alive and well. Humans are the only species capable of exploiting the planet for our own sake in order to make the quality of our individual lives better. if we are to live as fully as possible and enjoy the time we are here as fully as possible; then, from my perspective, we have no choice but to exploit the planet for those things we need and protect those we don’t need until the time comes to exploit them as well.

    Nature reminds us all the time that we are not all powerful and that no matter how hard we try to make ourselves safe, we are only a volcanic eruption, a tsunami or super tsunami, an earthquake, a tornado, a hurricane, a thunderstorm or an asteroid strike away from death or immeasurable suffering. Accept reality, life wisely and morally through a consistent philosophy and enjoy the time you get here because it could end without notice or after great suffering without any input from you as to your preference.


    • Nature takes no prisoners. No wrong in exploiting the honeypot of nature, but if humanity intends to survive it should do so sustainably or suffer the consequences as we now see manifesting across the planet. Thanks for your comment, Rick.

  6. I totally agree Alex, many just fail to see how everything is interconnected to everything else.. Yes the Black fly and green fly are in abundance this year and I know when I was hoeing and weeding I have gone out of my way to save the odd ladybird bug which I have seen got itself upturned in the soil… They have been far and few between this year as you say.. The larger varieties are almost none existent..
    Can you remember the year the UK had a plague of them??? I remember that year well… everytime anything bright was hung on the washing line it was covered in them… Last years rain and damp didnt help… where as this year I have seen more butterflies .. So all that damp last year helped the caterpillars thrive…

    We live finely balanced in nature…. And unfortunately its Man who causes most of the imbalance with his interferences ..

    Good topic..

    • It is the situation that some animal/plant species benefit and others do badly. Last year was devastating to bees but great for snails/slugs in the UK. Two years ago Colchester was swarming with ladybirds.

      I despair at humanity, their destructive ways.

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