Two ways to connect with nature

Foraging and being in nature are two good ways to connect with nature.

Getting out in nature is a good way to connect with nature.

Being in nature is a good way to connect with it.

Going about my business today I came across a load of cherry trees in the middle of a housing estate.  I thought the cherry period was over, wrong, I stuffed my face with cherries.  It amazes me people will ignore the fruit, nuts, berries and fungi growing all over Colchester, some of it literally outside of their front door, but will spend a fortune paying for similar bland tasting fruit in the retail stores.

One issue with foraging is watching out for the bugs, but then even if you eat the bug in the fruit it is extra protein, and a better outcome than the retailed fruit which have suffered fungicide, pesticide, herbicide, irradiation and potential GM contamination.  Picking fruit straight off the bush or tree is a guarantee you avoid eating potentially dangerous fungus and toxins that builds up on badly handled and stored fruit in retail stores.   Foraging is a simple rapid way to connect with nature.

How many people sit in front of a television eating their food?  I took my meal out with me tonight and ate it on a bench looking out on a lake in Colchester.  It was a beautiful mild evening, no wind, calm waters, and swans gliding through the water.  A rare magical moment as a heron flew in to sit on a willow tree branch across the water in front of me.  Add the music of swan lake, the scene would be perfect.  Being out in nature is a second way to connect with nature.


10 responses to “Two ways to connect with nature

  1. I like the idea of foraging for food, but sometimes I worry I might be taking a food source for birds or other small animals. How likely this is I’m not sure.

    • I return the thanks of nature, for instance throwing cherry stones into areas which they may grow into new trees, which means more future fruit for animals. The lower branches of a cherry tree tend to be left by birds, I can’t reach the tops of the tree, which the birds have an advantage on me over. There is enough food for all.

  2. I ate some acerola berries off an overhanging tree in the weekend, the seeds are now in a planter on my windowsill.


  3. Arrh nothing like eating fresh from the source Alex, and throughout all of these Sunny evenings we have had our meals outside looking at the garden and birds, listening to the wind chimes and water in the pond… What better way to digest your meal.. 🙂

  4. We have this small lemon tree on our balcony. Nothing tastes better than a glas of sweet sour lemonade, made from the 5 lemons I harvest every year.

  5. There is nothing better than freshly picked food, even children can taste the difference. As for eating outdoors there isn’t a better way to be mindful than a meal taken in nature.

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