Invest in prevention rather than cure

Good health is part of prosperity.

Being in nature can relieve stress and boost the immune system, part of a lifestyle that prevents sickness.

Being in nature can relieve stress and boost the immune system, part of a lifestyle that prevents sickness.

Prosperity includes good health as well as wealth.  I watched the latest UK Dragons Den episode on the internet where budding business people ask for investment from angel investors, the Dragons; one entrepreneur looked sick, he had been working over a hundred hours a week on his business at the expense of his health.

Most people use their body like everything else in nature, an exploitable commodity consumed without regard to the damage the actions cause.  If you have good health this is a blessing, but sickness or disability results in doors of opportunity closing on you.  I read a blog post just now where the writer suffers from cancer; the dark cloud of death was one result of cancer, but also loss of job, and medical bills leading to the stress of serious financial troubles.

Cancer is the result of two key factors.  The first factor is the rebel cell who in its hubris thinks it is better than the rest of the body and carves out its own territory in the body as a tumour. These cancer cells happen all the time, the individual who abuses or misuses their body increase the number of rebel cells, which dramatically increases the chances of a fully blown cancer.  The second factor is a weak immune system which fails to recognise the cancer cells to destroy them.  Abusing and misusing the body means undermining the immune system weakening its ability to recognise cancer cells.  Cancer is a lottery, where you can increase or decrease your chances of getting cancer by the choices you make in life: smoking increases chances of cancer, eating cancer-killing berries decreases chances.

It takes fewer resources to prevent sickness than to cure it.  If you are sick then you are digging a hole of significant troubles. I am self-employed, I cannot afford sickness, so I avoid alcohol, smoking and eat tons of fruit.  I am far from perfect, but I invest in my health through prevention rather than cure.


8 responses to “Invest in prevention rather than cure

  1. Yes, we watched that Dragon’s Den programme and that guy did look the worse for wear.

  2. And this was the next item I read after leaving my comment above.


    As you go about your daily life it is very easy to caught in the rush, it is very easy to get caught in the stream of thinking, to be incessantly thinking back and forth in time…

    That is why it is such a powerful practice to bring your attention back to your breathing pattern throughout your day…

    I suggest you make it your intention to take 3 full breaths as many times a day as you can;

    As you go about your day, stop, and take 3 full breaths. Really feeling and letting the breath flow and fill you right up, firstly filling up your tummy, then filling up your chest, and then let it all flow back out again, calmly and gently…

    It only takes a few seconds to do, but if you can do this throughout your day, it will have profound effects on your state of mind and the way you feel on a day to day basis…

    It allows you to step out of the illusion of time and bring you back to the only thing that is real; the present moment…

    It also allows you to flush oxygen through your body which will have amazing effects on your overall physical health…

    And it allows you to become much more aware of the way that you are thinking and feeling on a day to day basis (which is the first step to becoming a powerful creator of your own reality)…

    Remember to keep bringing your mind back to the present moment, be still, be silent, be present, listen, feel, and let go…

    ‘The Commonsense Philosopher’

  3. good choices — other things to consider are: avoid unnecessary x-rays like from the dentist or airlines.

  4. Completely agree, as this is my outlook, as well. Due to my lifestyle (I walk/hike almost daily in nature, get good exercise, although not by way of a regime, just by moving about, and actually using my body) and diet (primarily raw, and what is not raw is unprocessed and non-GMO), I have not been sick (not so much as a cold) in many years (I cannot remember the last time I was sick).

    The etymology of the word health, is wellness and fitness, as in fiting harmonically within one’s environment. Being in nature (as well as walking barefoot) prevents illness and future disabilities (such as bloodclots, arthritis, etc.). As you say, I am not perfect, but I much prefer preventing getting sick in the first place, than trying to cure it or becoming hospitalized. I want to enjoy old age, not be disabled by it.

    • Congratulations on being in good health.

      Many people seek to extend their lives, but what point living an old age of pain and suffering if they abused their body? Keeping healthy all life can mean a happy productive old age.

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