The influential honey pot

Honey pots influence many people.

Flowers are a form of honey pot to bees offering a trade of pollen and nectar for pollination.

Flowers are a form of honey pot to bees offering a trade of pollen and nectar for pollination.

I sat in Colchester Castle Park today and shared a bag of small peanuts with a diverse and large number of animals.  My peanuts were a honey pot to squirrels, doves, crows and pigeons.  If you want to influence a large number of people then offer a benefit such as a product and service they need, then they will come running.

I visited a friend whose cats had fleas, so I was a walking honey pot to fleas.  However, honey pots should be offered on a trade basis of benefit for benefit, where all sides leave the table a winner.  The fleas would have left me a loser, I killed four fleas in self-defence.  My friend recently resigned as a provider of a free service to a group of people, who made my friend ill.  It is the reality that most people have no respect for charity or free benefits, which they abuse and misuse.  Honey pots must never be offered free, since they attract parasites, and you need a sustainable honey pot, otherwise no honey pot.

Colchester offers a free honey pot to the people of Colchester to visit, a nature park called Hilly Fields.  Too many visitors abuse the park by leaving their litter on the ground.  Honey pots need boundaries, enforceable contracts which people agree to before enjoying the benefit offered.  Had I owned Hilly Fields, I would have offered the facility only to those that agreed never to litter the park.

In summary, honey pots work best as a business where you offer a benefit that attracts lots of people such as a service or product.  You offer the honey pot always on a trade basis of benefit for benefit, since most people will respect this and you also gain a sustainable honey pot.  You influence based upon the benefit offered, but also based upon the contract people agree to in order to obtain the benefit.  The contract can shape beliefs and behaviours whilst respecting the choice of individuals since they must choose to agree the contract in order to obtain the benefit.


16 responses to “The influential honey pot

  1. IT teams put out a host with an alluring name like prod-credit-db1 and leave the access slightly less restrictive than normal. It serves no purpose but to record access. If someone logs into it — we know we are under attack…

  2. Nice in theory, but in practice people get involved, and muck things up. Put up enough restrictions to keep the riffraff out, and the regulars start getting all superior. Worth trying, though, and it does work sometimes.

  3. I like your analogy of a honey pot, much nicer than the term I frequently use which is that of a carpet. If you don’t get anything in return, people will abuse your kindness and walk all over you,like a carpet.

  4. Winnie the Pooh always received honey pots, and didn’t have to return any favor ever 🙂

  5. Well in previous times, when training to be a salesman for IBM UK (Office Products Div.) the mantra was: Need, Feature, Benefit. Always from the customer’s point of view.

  6. Fleas… my new kitty Cloro has fleas, came with the package. One has yet to decide that I am a honey-pot. Fleas like their host, they like their host healthy; if the fleas decide that I am a better option (healthier), then they will leave Cloro. It’s a sign that Cloro is ailing.


  7. This happens naturally in places where the economy has tanked. In the U.S., Detroit is an example of this Honey Pot. Detroit declared bankruptcy and the government crashed (i.e., there is no official government), which means people had to find a way to cooperate. This is happening in pockets throughout Detroit. Where once there was convenience and abuse and misuse, neighborhoods began to build community gardens, neighbors began to work together. Your theory could and does work, but only when the economic conditions have reached a state of bankruptcy or crash. There are studies performed on this that show as the economy declines, the health of the people and culture increases.

  8. Its a shame, but there will always be those who take advantage of those who give, for there will always be the takers who want it for nothing who think that life owes them….
    Enjoyed your take on this although the feas did make me want to itch LOL, Big smiles 😀

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