Liberty, Wisdom, Creativity

What is liberty, wisdom and creativity?

Would this robin be happy in a cage?

Would this robin be happy in a cage?

I often include in my blog posts the themes of liberty, wisdom and creativity, but how do I define these words?


The ability to express my nature without restriction.

I stood listening to a robin this morning singing with all its heart.  The robin marks its territory through song.  I could capture this robin, place it in a cage, and this robin will never be liberated again.  Would the robin be happy? Would the robin sing again? Would the robin be able to express its nature by flying from branch to branch, singing marking its kingdom?

Everything and everyone has a nature.  Most of humanity imprison themselves in invisible cages, living within self-imposed and society imposed restrictions.  To listen to the robin I had to go off to a wood, away from the demands of society.  It is in my nature to connect with nature,

Once you are aware of your own nature, you will become aware of the many traps and chains that deny you expression of that nature.


The ability to match knowledge to situations.

I am foraging for fungi this week.  I know that if I eat the wrong fungi I will die.  In my wisdom I refuse to touch any mushroom I can’t identify, and I play safe by touching mushrooms only in open fields.  I am a novice at foraging fungi, a mistake over eating the wrong fungus is non-reversible for instance there is no cure for the poisons of the Death Cap fungi.

Wisdom can only be obtained through sensory experience, the act of doing.  You gain no wisdom through spectating, you have to actively participate to earn wisdom.  You can study the apple, but until you have tasted the apple you gain no wisdom.


The ability to see and build patterns.

The human brain has evolved to work with patterns, it is a machine that recognises and builds patterns.  If a story is like a pattern, then most people blindly follow the pre-packaged stories of media and society, most people have low creativity.  Only through encouraging the brain to process inputs along new neural pathways can creativity be produced.

In recent weeks I chose to follow different activity to my usual life, for instance camping in woods and walking different routes to places.  The changes I make forces my brain to route neural activity down new brain pathways, which immediately allows me to make new connections.  The new brain connections gives me the ability to see and build new patterns.


20 responses to “Liberty, Wisdom, Creativity

  1. The line from the Eagle’s Hotel California sprung to mind… ‘We are all prisoners here of our own device,’ while the song may not be applicable, that line I believe is.


  2. Fascinating stuff shared here today… thank you..

  3. You are so right Alex we often do not realise the ‘Ruts’ we build for ourselves and then life becomes stale as we retread the same old paths of life… Making changes as you have mentioned allows us to explore and navigate which alert our senses, bringing us to that Wakeful self of self exploration too…
    Lucky for us we have a robin who has chosen to nest in an old woodpile near the garage in our back garden and so we hear his beautiful song often….
    And thank you for bring back many memories of going out collecting field mushrooms with my Dad… He would know what to eat and not to eat, and would warn us all never to eat anything unless we knew for certain what it was…

    The World has built it patterns as we have become industrialised and we have encroached upon Nature’s habitats, our birds are disappearing because of how we have torn down their hedgerows as communities have sprung up… Even in our gardens, many have uprooted tress and shrubs in favour of paved areas for parking cars upon….
    Small changes sometimes have larger impacts upon the territories of our wildlife …

    But the changes of our routines and stimulating our brains I am all in favour for Alex… Long may you hear the Robin Sing 🙂

    • After hearing this robin, I have now become aware of many robins singing around me as I go about my daily life. How awesome to have a robin nesting near you.

      I have taken full advantage of the Autumn harvests of nature:apples, plums, pears, mushrooms, blackberries.

      I am saddened that people are disconnected from nature so they fail to appreciate the impacts of their actions, even in their own gardens.

      Changing routines and doing new things can be hard and challenging, but the harvest gained is worth the effort.

      • Yes it saddens me also Alex, people today think everything comes in plastic packages from the supermarkets… And its such a shame that so many have lost touch with Nature… I am so richly rewarded when ever I step foot a few hundred yards from my home as I find my balance as I ground myself with what nature has to offer….

        have a wonderful Friday

      • You are blessed Sue, may you continue to enjoy the fruits of your connection to nature.

  4. What you describe in your last paragraph is known as Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity. The idea that the brain can never change and that with age we become duller is slowly being reveresed and debunked. With each new experience, new neurons are generated, thus changing the brain, the mind, and the consciousness; hence, wisdom, rather than knowledge (and there is a difference). Now, should we stick to the same, safe, comfortable habits, yes, the brain shall not change (and neither shall the mind or consciousness) as the brain resorts instead to habit. It is difficult to form new neurons because the brain has to do a little work, but the brain is a muscle, and much like weight training or some other kind of physical activity can work to buildup the biceps or triceps, etc. the brain too benefits from a little training, in the form of learning and relearning and change and evolving. The brain cannot learn, change or evolve in a cage once it has resorted to believing in and accepting that that cage is the whole of its reality. However, a brain and mind and consciousness can learn from a cage if it does not limit itself to the cage and realizes that its world is not encompassed by the cage. In this way, the bird again can sing and would sing even more and better having suffered and overcome the cage. For the most part, the cages of humans exist only in the habitual thoughts, ideologies, isms, etc. of the human brain and not actual cages. The cages of the human animal are invisible, the zoos intangible, which make them harder to overcome. But they can be overcome, just as you express, not only through spectating, or speculation, or observation, but through doing, through action. Change begets action.

    Your posts are better and and more thought-provoking with each new one. I can see how you are learning and how you are not stagnant in your thought processes. This is a wonderful talent and gift of a human being. Thank you (I mean that sincerely) for sharing with us your journey.

    • Thanks for your positive feedback and background on the brain, Niko. There is a saying: “use it or lose it,” if we don’t use our brain it will decay through lack of use, your description of the brain as a muscle is a good one.

      I have seen a documentary where stem cells drag themselves across the brain where they will grow into new neurons. I think you are right that the old ideas about the brain are wrong.

      You are right about the cage being an opportunity for growth. Heraclitus says “strife is justice” which means that through the challenges of life people evolve.

  5. I like the way you connect liberty with a robin and his song- for me song and the arts in general are a pure expression of our true nature. Even caged I think a robin would still sing, although unhappily of misery.

  6. What a great post, I think sometimes during our life time we get caught up in certain aspects or chores, like work for instance, and we forget those 3 gifts that were given us, to make life joyful. First time visiting your blog, I liked it a lot! Keep up the good work.
    — Thay

  7. As I began reading this I was aghast at the idea of caging a robin, that image stayed with me throughout, but I love how you used that analogy to explain your definition of freedom.

    I too have been exploring my creativity these past few weeks. I always wished I could paint, but knew I wouldn’t be great at it from the few clumsy attempts in youth. I’ve taken up painting now, starting with simple things and have found it to be great fun and at the same time has opened me up to trying newer things. My cage has always been the need for perfection, I have stepped out of that cage finally.

  8. Great Post. Interesting and Inspiring too.
    The subjects dealt with and the way explained all creates Inspiring notions.
    In fact, what we feel Liberty, Wisdom and Creativity are not real.
    A lot have to learn to achieve reality of all these in the life.

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