A new blog focus

At the second anniversary for Liberated Way, a focus on prosperity through sustainability.

Only by being sustainable will humanity enjoy prosperity.

Only by being sustainable will humanity enjoy prosperity.

This blog recently marked its second anniversary.  Over the two years of writing on this blog I feel thrilled with my association with over 1000 WordPress bloggers who have helped make this blog what it is.  I have benefited from reading fellow blogger posts, and I strive to continue to evolve this Liberated Way to stay relevant to my personal outlooks and that of my readers.

Quality over Quantity

Formerly I have attempted one post a day, but in doing so I struggle to maintain my quality.  Creativity flows of its own accord, never forced, thus it is better for me to let creativity dictate when I write, since if I force my writing the quality and impact of my writing suffers.  I have been increasingly dependent upon nature to inspire me, and so I write at the pace that nature dictates.  My posts will most likely be every few days, unless I have a creative rush and you will see one-post-a-day cycles.

My Three Influences

For this blog I have three main influences.  The first is nature, which through my active day-to-day interactions provides me with the bulk of inspiration.  The second are the natural philosophers of the past: the individuals such as Heraclitus, Aristotle and Leonardo da Vinci; or the animistic people, such as the Celts, Basque and Australian Aborigines.  The natural philosophers, like I, build their philosophy on what they observe, experience and demonstrate in nature.  Finally, human psychology is my third influence, the human mind has developed under natures influence, and provides insights in why we act the way we do.

My Focus

I am going to sharpen the focus of this blog upon prosperity through sustainability, using as my inspiration nature, natural philosophy and human psychology.  Prosperity is happiness, health and abundance.  My new definition for sustainability is action in harmony with nature; if we act against nature I consider the opposite of prosperity will result: ruin; despair; poverty.  Regardless of anything else if we fail to connect with nature our doom is self-destruction.


36 responses to “A new blog focus

  1. Congrats and all the very best, Alex!! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on championing ways of attaining a sustainable future for so long 🙂

  3. “…if we act against nature I consider the opposite of prosperity will result: ruin; despair; poverty.” I am not an environmentalist, naturalist and quite to the contrary am quite consumptive. But that is very true. My counter point to conservation efforts here on earth is that the universe has ample supplies of many of our non-renewable resources and perhaps the renewable ones as well. And here is how I would challenge your thought. If the universe holds an unlimited supply of all the resources we need to sustain our existence, does the conversation about sustainability become irrelevant?

    • The universe has unlimited resources, question is that we have to get access to this, which until this happens means we will need to sustain our existing resources intelligently.

      Humanity is sucking the life out of the planet, and there are no other planets near enough for us to colonise if we ruin Earth thus destroying our life support systems.

      In science there are current theories that energy excess causes cancer since our bodies evolved to cope with energy limitations, not excess.

      • Thanks for the reply. Being responsible with resources is definitely the right choice. In addition though, I also think that increased technology (which generally consumes massive amounts of resources) is fundamental for a sustainable future. Maybe it is the development of atmospheric air purification systems, clean energy, advanced propulsion systems, or space resource harvesting technology. I think it is a good investment to utilize resources at a high level to unlock new means of unlocking and obtaining resources (i.e. fracking)

      • I have faith in technology to assist in a sustainable future, but technology is a tool and thus it is only as good as the user.

  4. Your last sentence speaks volumes to a potential fate of human nature. I see much of this way of disconnection changing. . . I hope it is enough.

    It’s been a pleasure following your blog!

  5. Happy Anniversary Alex – your blog is one that I truly enjoy, makes me consider our perspectives and I always leave with my thoughts running at a fast pace. I look forward to your continued posts and congratulate you on your impressive (and deserved) following!

  6. Well done Alex! 2 years – that probably flashed by.

    I too am two. I too wanted to write every week |(not day) but like you , found that quality was better than quantity. If one can’t say it properly, better not to say it at all.

    I look forward to more of your insights.

  7. Congrats and onward to year 3 Alex.

  8. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and creative understanding for 2 years! I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to seeing where you go with the new focus.

  9. I can definitely understand the wisdom behind your need to focus on quality over quantity! I’m not sure how quality my posts are recently, but the quantity has certainly gone down! Babies have that impact. 😉

  10. Congratulations Alex! I am also learning so much from Mother Nature and I am so inspired by how you are allowing nature to be your teacher and inspiration. Much Love & Blessings…Namaste…♥♥♥NadineMarie♥♥♥

  11. [ Smiles ] A happy 2nd blogging anniversary to you, Alex.

    For the record, you are more talented than you give yourself credit for.

  12. Congratulations, Alex.2 years and 1,000 readers that shows you have something to say that people are ready to hear and build upon. I look forward to your new direction on the blog and agree with you that sustainability is action in harmony with nature. Perfect choice of wording.

  13. Congratulations Alex on your 2 yrs and wow 1,000 readers is impressive…. Love the new direction, but then I have always found Nature runs through your theme as you connect to its energy…. by coincidence I had my own little reminder today that Its my 3 yr anniversary… So Well Done to you…
    Sustainability will be the ‘Key’ word in the future as we all will be trying to find ways of stretching out to maintain life styles which embrace self sufficiency as we are squeezed more and more in modern day life!..

    • Congratulations on your 3-year anniversary Sue.

      Yes, nature has been a common theme in Liberated Way, and will be more so from now on.

      Sustainability is a mere buzz word for corporates and academics at the moment, but once the grassroots individuals takes ownership of the word and make it meaningful to their own reality, then this word will become mainstream.

      • Lets hope so Alex… I was listening to a debate the other day about Energy Prices, and how in the future we could or most probably will be rationed with power cuts say 2 days a week… I wonder what people will do then as Supermarket tills no longer function Banks, and Automatic doors no longer swing!….
        When you take a overall view of how we have become so accustomed to taking these things for granted.. turning on a light, cooking via gas or electric… Many homes run totally on Electricity with no gas… So how would they fare for warmth in winter….
        New buildings are not being built to be self sustainable, and we looked into Free solar panels but were told our roof needed to hold 18 to make it viable for the company… Because of the chimney it would only hold 16…so they were not interested… BUT if we bought them at some astronomic cost they could fit 16! -go figure!
        And yet we know of homes where those who are on Benefits are getting them fitted because they get help with Bills… Its all upside down …And unfortunately it will be turned upside down before it gets better…

      • Colchester has fitted most of their council housing stock with solar panels. It will be a harsh reality check for many if electricity rationing happens.

      • Yes Alex I totally agree

  14. Dipped into this post again, Alex, wanting to offer my Jeannie a flavour of what you write. Stagger me if I see that it was last September. Now where on earth did those last nine months go?!

    At least I was reminded of why I follow your musings: some very profound ideas expressed in this place.

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