The brave cow

Nature rewards the brave.

The cow reminded me the rewards in life come to the brave.

The cow reminded me the rewards in life come to the brave.

As I walked through Cymbeline Meadows I saw with surprise a cow in a field it was not supposed to live in.  The cow had managed to cross a river to access the field on the other side.  This is a brave cow to cross a river away from its herd.  The reward for the brave cow is a field of lush green grass all to itself.

The incident is a lesson to me, as the field which this cow is enjoying delicious grass, I know as the “field of dreams” where I visualise my dreams growing into oak trees from little acorns I metaphorically plant there.  If you are brave like this cow you will increase your chances of prosperity, as nature rewards the brave.


21 responses to “The brave cow

  1. Indeed, Alex, indeed (that nature rewards the brave).

  2. [ Smiles ] Yes, I will keep that in mind, Alex.

    Lovely article!

  3. or end up in the stomach of the big bad wolf 🙂

    I am always reminded of herd animals and schools of fish. They are a target because of their proximity and predators and fishermen decimate them, but still their safety is in anonymonity. Such is the life of the herd.

  4. Or perhaps an impetuous cow, not sure if I was the cow I would have taken the risk!

  5. I find there is always that one in the herd that isn’t afraid to venture out, even crossing a well traveled road to see what is on the other side. I admire those brave ones not afraid from little up to break away from the safety.

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  7. Sometimes Alex we have to take that first step out into the unknown.. that is the bravest step as we try pastures new…. Also at times I find it more empowering to be that little bit more independent than to run with herd….
    Good analogy …

  8. • “Life should be an exciting adventure.”
    – Earl Nightingale

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