Reconnect to nature

All solutions begin with reconnection with nature.

The solution to human problems is reconnection to nature.  Nature is all around us waiting to be discovered.

The solution to human problems is reconnection to nature. Nature is all around us waiting discovery.

Pick up any newspaper, you will read depressing news of human-created problems from petty crime to nations at war.  These human problems are symptoms of a disease, which is disconnection from nature.  I often clear litter from my local nature park, but all I am doing is addressing a symptom of the sickness, as by next morning people have thrown more litter upon the ground in the park.

The common cold offers a range of symptoms, you know a blocked nose is a symptom, you may treat the symptom for relief, but the culprit behind the symptom is the virus, which continues to challenge the sufferer.  Until you kill the virus, the symptoms will remain.

I recognise that until humanity reconnects to nature, there will be no relief to the symptoms of human suffering.  Each day people write tens of thousands of blog posts on WordPress protesting about one or other symptom, but few seem aware of the disease behind all these symptoms, which is disconnection from nature.  No ruler, charity or movement can address the problems of humanity and this planet until people reconnect with nature.  Unless I see efforts that include reconnection to nature in the solution, I dismiss any offered solutions as doomed to failure.


22 responses to “Reconnect to nature

  1. What you write is the blunt truth of the matter. And overlaying all of this is the fact that the CO2 clock is ticking. As Patrice Ayme wrote in two comments to an earlier post of his, (see ):

    “Humanity continuing to live in the range of climatic conditions of the last 50,000 years is completely impossible.

    Because of the fact we are sure to pass the equivalent of 500ppm of CO2 equivalent in the next ten years. Be it only because of inertia in the system (and in spite of the accord on some CO2 equivalent gases just signed).

    We are already above the Antarctica instability threshold (we know this in two ways).

    We are augmenting at 4 ppm a year. That’s 40 ppm in ten years. Some will say:”Oh, but then we will be at 440 ppm!” Not so. We are already around 465 ppm, when one adds the CO2 equivalent gases (some used for refrigeration). Those gases will be reduced, they just signed, but… Too late; we will make the 500 ppm. Within a decade.

    Overall, CO2 emissions have been augmenting (in spite of reductions in the EU-USA).

    • The issues related to Climate Change where it might be considered caused by humanity is a symptom of the disconnection with nature. Thanks for the background information Paul.

  2. I do so agree with you Alex, mankind is the disease to which nature must put up a fight… it seems that no matter what is advertised and what reminders are made to use available dustbins etc.. mankind seems oblivious to it all… it has always amazed me that a can full of cool drink is not too heavy to carry, but the minute it is empty it is too heavy to carry to the next bin…

  3. Excellent post! We are losing our connection to the planet. I remember playing outside as a child, this is a rarity now. Much of our food supply is maintained and propagated artificially, we live in artificially maintained environments. It is no wonder people say they care about the environment but never want to leave the comfort of their living room couch to do so. All I can say is the key is our young people we must teach them to love the Earth instead of their electronic devices.

  4. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for cutting to the heart of our problems so clearly Alex. Humanity was once an integrated part of nature, like beavers or birds. Somehow when a small faction if humanity discovered the ability to dominate and control others thru violence and intimidation they threw, over thousands of years and spreading their unbalanced meme across the planet, our species out if the natural niche we fit in.
    If we can make conscious return to that state of balance and connection I believe we could restore much of what has been damaged as well as achieving a greater emotional contentment and happiness in all people than colonized people dare imagine or hope for.

  5. Ah, so very well put. A wise man once said that we cannot repair current problems using the same models that caused them. This is true. How could that be done? How could we fix what is wrong by applying a band-aid (and a poorly made one at that) that leaves the wound gaping and oozing? We must start with a new model to eradicate the problem. I agree with you, that a reconnection to nature (including the nature of humanity, which is contained in the nature of the earth, which is contained in the nature of the universe and so on). Humanity is at a loss without that reconnection.

    As for the dustbins, it seems this is worldwide. There is a general (and honor system) rule of Carry In, Carry Out at many of the places where we hike in the woods. Unfortunately, it is an honor often ignored. It saddens and shames me. How can we be so inconsiderate? Would it be normal to just throw trash anywhere in our homes, yet, in our bigger home (the earth), litter is almost normal, as it is scattered all about (not to mention the landfills, the oceans, etc). A disgrace and disgusting habit of humans, that once we reconnect to nature and the nature of ourselves, shall end.

    Cheers to the future of unlittered lands! 🙂

  6. You make a valid point. But before human kind can reconnect with nature we must first connect with ourselves. It is the little steps that will help make the biggest leaps in mankind.

  7. I’m with Silentlyheardonce, we are disconnected from ourselves, therefore one another and therefore nature. Now many have media created personalities and values, but that comes devoid of a heart on, feet on, hands on, smell in, take in approach. Everything around us is being transformed into some kind of profit for us, so life beyond ourselves is reduced and lifeless. We even do it to each other, so this is a multilayered problem. Starting with the disconnection to self, knowing self therefore being able to know other, then take (truly take in the world around us). I don’t know what the solution is, but I think we all have a part of it, and must remain in action via our expressions.

    • Disconnection in my opinion is due to hubris, control and ignorance. If each individual does the opposite of these three “curses” I believe this people and nature will move towards harmony. Thanks for your observations, godtisx.

  8. Excellent post. Absolutely true. Insightful.

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