The stupid pigeon

Nature breaks its own rules and forces me to break mine.

Everything should follow their own nature, when they don't bizarre things happen.

Nature sometime likes to break its own rules and force us to break our rules.

Today I rescued a pigeon along the same stretch of road I previously helped a hedgehog. This was a stupid or suicidal pigeon which sat in the road as cars passed inches from its beak, swerving to avoid it, oblivious to its own impending doom as night fell.  It is in my nature to intervene with animals in danger, and unlike my intervention with the hedgehog I had to break my own rules by forcing the pigeon to move.

Normally pigeons fly off when you approach them, but this pigeon looked at me and sat there suicidally in the road.  There was no alternative but for me to take a plastic bag out of my backpack and force the pigeon out of the road.  I felt stupid as I herded the pigeon along the path, some children stopped and asked me what I was doing.  Having got the pigeon into the driveway of a house I realised the pigeon was still in danger of being flattened by cars using the driveway, so I decided to attempt to pick the pigeon up to deposit in a garden, upon which it flew away.

Not only does nature sometimes create bizarre situations that defy rationality, but it also forces us into situations where we have to break our own rules.  I like everything to follow their natural pattern, but today with this pigeon was unbelievable.


17 responses to “The stupid pigeon

  1. This same thing happened to me. With a sparrow and I didn’t get to save it because I was too far from it to reach it in time.

    • Thanks for sharing your beautiful poem and story, I hope readers here will follow the link you gave to your poem as worth reading.

      Earlier this year I came across a sparrow that sat on the path, and I passed it within inches, but it did not fly away. I was upset at that time because I did not understand, and was unsettled by a bird not following its nature by flying away at my approach. Such a thing challenges my sense of reality of nature when it does not follow its usual patterns.

  2. I had a class in my psychology course that explained why the birds sit there in danger and won’t move.
    I have experienced it myself as an aspie so I can relate to those poor birds.
    The same part of the nervous system that takes away pain during trauma also causes animals ( including humans who gave not trained to overcome it) to freeze and appear awake aware and stupid when in reality the system is sort of blank.
    It allows prey species to sort of “check out” at the moment of attack thus avoiding a lot of suffering.
    It can be triggered by any overwhelm of stimulus tho so sometimes happens to say a bird that has a car pass too close, or an autistic blogger in a modern supermarket:-)
    ( I tend to resemble a deer in headlights after a few.minutes in a super-walmart!)
    Thank you for saving the pigeon!

  3. I had to read this, I couldn’t believe you would refer to any animal as stupid,but I see why. How unusual, I’ve never seen a bird freeze in traffic.

    • Although I have seen birds of different species act like this before, it is the first time I have seen a bird behave like this in the face of extreme danger in a road.

  4. I have seen this so many times.. and just when you think the bird is so sick it can’t fly … it up and flies off…

  5. The pigeon may have been confused… partly out fault for manufacturing a mode of life deadly to wildlife.

  6. All rules can be bent, expanded, and even broken. Nature teaches even this.

  7. Rules should only be seen as guideline… otherwise there is no room for expansion.
    If all rules were correct, and there was a rule for each and every situation, then one would have no need to think… ever…!

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