Everything flows

Prosperity comes from motion.

Prosperity comes from motion.

Prosperity comes from motion.

Camping, I stick my head out of the tent looking at the blue sky:  misty white clouds race by; a magpie, then a pigeon fly past; an aircraft glistens in the morning sun on its way to an unknown destination; insects hover in the air, or swiftly pass by; a rush of cold air flowing across my sleepy face.   I live in a world of motion.

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus observed of nature “everything flows,” this is the observable truth of nature and life.  Everything moves and changes, nothing is still.  Imagine if the clouds never moved, no rain.  Imagine if our heart never moved, we die.  Imagine the aircraft in the air not moving, it would crash to earth.  Motion is life, and non-motion death.

Control is a curse of humanity, who believes by forcing their will upon nature to cease its motion that security will be gained, but as motion is life only stagnation and death results

Prosperity comes through motion.  The design of the human body is for movement, the design of the human brain is for thinking, is it a surprise that bad health comes to those that waste body and brain in non-action, watching television, never challenging the brain in new experiences?

In economics they recognise that a healthy economy results from the constant motion of money through the system, the economist dislikes those who save like the Chinese, the mantra is spending money is good.  I agree, money rotting in a bank is bad, better that the money is in motion, invested in property, solar power, food production or a business, working to bring a harvest of abundance to the investor.

The ideal for prosperity, be it health, happiness or abundance, is motion, if there is control that restricts or stops motion, the opposite of prosperity will always result.  Live an active life of doing and experience, nothing is still, life is motion.


15 responses to “Everything flows

  1. Once again you have hit the nail right on the head… I know of a few friends of mine that retired and sat doing nothing at home, no hobby, nothing… it wasn’t long and we buried them… idle is death.. motion is life…

  2. I love this. It really puts things into perspective. Life really is about going with the flow & enjoying it. Controlling things just brings unnecessary pain & stress & hinders progress.

    • Since it is the way of nature to be in motion, any attempt to control nature is going to be an exhausting process since it takes lots of resources to oppose nature. Going with the flow makes for a happier and easier life.

  3. “In the groove”, “Going with the flow”, “riding the wave”: these are all descriptions of being in motion with nature. Camping in the wild is great, isn’t it? So peaceful; you suddenly notice things that you had not noticed before while living in a house surrounded by walls or travelling rapidly by in a car. You notice that things slow down, you suddenly realize that you have harmonized with the slow, patient motion of nature. You begin to know the weather days in advance as the animals do. You begin to reconnect with your inner self, the inner mammal of your humanness.

    Wait until you return, you’ll really start to notice how different. The senses become revitalized when living and sleeping out of doors, so when you return to a city or to indoors, you notice *everything* and all of it seems too loud! The song of the birds, the buzz of the flies and the chirps of the crickets are never noise, but in a city or the hubbub of everyday living in civilization, it is like noise, like the static on a mistuned television.

    I hope you are having a wonderful time and learning and seeing new things in nature. I reckon you will return fresh and new.

    • I tend to move backwards and forwards between civilisation and the wild at the moment. I have noticed my senses like my sense of smell has sharpened and I have slowed down.

  4. I often feel that time=change, although I don’t think this is a particularly scientific way of viewing time! But I agree, change and motion is so central to life.

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  6. Lovely post.

  7. Change is what keeps life interesting and us from becoming lazy and compliant. I agree money does no good when it is hoarded, as long as we put enough aside for unexpected needs, but only if the money is spent after consideration of whether it is needed. Your choices of where our money should go are all good choices.

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