Nature the many-faced animal

An image of nature.

The sorcerer was created 15,000 years ago at Trois-Frères, Ariège, France which I think is a beautiful representative of the spirit of nature  by our human ancestors.

The “Sorcerer” was created 15,000 years ago at Trois-Frères, Ariège, France, which I think is a beautiful representative of the spirit of nature by our human ancestors.

There is some dispute about what the so-called Sorcerer (see image) in the cave art at Trois-Frères in southern France depicts. Dated from 13,000 BCE the Sorcerer stands at the pinnacle of a vast circus of painted animal life. I interpret the Sorcerer as a spirit representing nature, reflected in the multiple shape-shifting array of animals that makes up its displayed form.

Nature is never still, always in motion, always changing and shifting.  Science considers at one time humanity were monkeys, whilst medical conditions like Cleft Lip betrays our fish origins.  If we rise above the present challenges, the image reflected back at us in the mirror in a million years is likely an image we won’t recognise, something different, changed to adapt to the constantly changing challenges of the environment.  If some of us make it to Mars, the differences between humans on Earth and those on Mars within a few generations will likely produce a new type of human, as the human form evolves to survive its new environment.

The Sorcerer captures for me nature in its essence, a beautiful, elusive and many-faced animal, one that demands respect, and exists far beyond the mere limits of our planet, to encompass all that exists in this vast universe.

I have long dispensed with the limited thinking of worlds, planets and the universe, I think now in terms of nature, this vast unlimited creature with no boundaries, but an observable, demonstrable and experiential nature, something we are part of, and encompasses everything.  If there was a more beautiful way of expressing nature, our ancestors at Trois-Frères captured it in the form of the Sorcerer.


11 responses to “Nature the many-faced animal

  1. I was recently reading a study that showed how the human form is already changing due to the mix and intermingling of ethnicities, by looking at the faces and shapes of many humans on the planet, it was discovered that human beings are beginning to form into a non-descript racial look. Which makes a kind of sense, actually. Imagine, what humans will appear as in the future, especially with the advancements in technology. Nature, despite technology, changes of its own accord, and shapes we humans as consequence. Technology, as created by Man, a creature of nature, will simply become a part of this evolutionary process as well.

    Your last paragraph sums it up quite well.

  2. We are a part of everything and everything is a part of us….always in a state of flux, of existing and not existing. I really like what you say here. Many do not realize that evolution continues whether one pays attention to it or not. It is a fascinating subject. Great article. Made me think—thanks for that.

  3. Lovely and interesting drawing. I too see in it a blend of several animals. Just looking at pictures from 2 generations ago I can see changes in family members. We have gotten taller for one and the blending of genes from pairings has altered the features we see in our children. I only hope we can say down the road the changes are good ones, I fear the depleted diet many live on today will result in less than perfect opportunities for our future fetuses to start.

    • Our disharmonious relationship with nature raises concerns about how future generations of our species will evolve.

      Our modern diet has impacted how tall the modern human has become, something I am reminded of when I occasionally crack my head against a door entrance or post in a ceiling of an old building in Colchester designed for shorter people.

      • Alex, I had to smile at your need to duck your head. I used to own an older model mobile home. The kitchen door was the one we used to enter and exit most often. As my boys grew they both needed to duck their heads. I always had an open door policy so people would knock to let me know they were there but then immediately open the door and announce they were entering. I can’t tell you how many times we tried to warn company to duck their head, but were rarely fast enough. Plenty of conked heads over the years while we lived there.

      • I have enjoyed plenty of temporary headaches from the clonks.

  4. Really like this image 🙂

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