The curse of inertia

Inertia, is a paralysis like a car with a flat battery.

Rainbows exist because of the dynamic of rain and sunlight in motion.

Rainbows exist because of the dynamic of rain and sunlight in motion.

I run through the crowded street in the rain.  I experience natures motion in the street, people in motion, the motion in the changing unpredictable British weather, as clouds race by releasing their life-giving waters upon the earth.  Life is motion, stagnation is death.

I juggle two words to describe the energy states of people, groups and situations I encounter in my daily life.  I say of the street I pass through that it has dynamic, there is life in the people who trade and socialise in this street.  An internet forum I occasionally visit with 6,000 members is like a graveyard of non-activity, I say the forum suffers the curse of inertia.

Like a car with a flat battery, the curse of inertia is the state of being where no energy is available in a system for anything to move, work or change.  A stagnating paralysis falls upon everything cursed with inertia like a black suffocating fog, in which nothing grows, moves, changes or lives.  The curse of inertia shrouds too many groups, individuals or communities I encounter, it troubles me, it frustrates me.  A group in Colchester founded to promote the town as a visitor destination, a talking shop, ideas die like a lit match in a bucket of water.  A scout group as a kid which could not attract members, let alone leaders.  The internet forum of thousands of registered members, where nobody participate.  The inertia of politicians causing an US government to shut down.

Nature loves motion, death loves inertia.


20 responses to “The curse of inertia

  1. You know, according to physics, there is no inertia, only momentum. Maybe a change in the point of view is all that’s required.

  2. Nice observation.
    Have you also observed that a persons life can have too much inertia behind it, driven by others, for them to change it for the better…?

    • Yes, I have noticed, which is why I advocate cutting clutter from our lives that work against us, leaving only that which motivates rather than restricts us in following our dreams and hopes.

      • There is a film (from a book) called Peaceful Warrior. In that film is a strong theme of ‘Empty out the trash’ [of your mind].
        Worth having a look at I think. Personally I found the book better though.

      • Thanks for the reminder of this book, Danny.
        I purchased that book many years ago, which greatly assisted with my sport training (and coaching.)

  3. The book that Danny mentioned has been on my reading list for a number of months now. The author, Dan Millman, has his website here:

    Great reminder, Danny!

  4. Oh so true, so true. In nature everything is constantly in motion, even what we cannot perceive with our eyes, even that which moves so slowly we cannot catch the movement. The trees are growing, minutely, the animals are scurrying, the ground moves, the earth moves, everything in constant turbulence. Sheer beauty.

    What is strange, are those inert forums and groups on the internet, in which there are thousands of members and only that. Just members, but no conversation, no feedback, no reciprocation. I have seen the same on Google Plus. Communities (they are called there) with thousands of members posting, but no one commenting or even “liking” the posts. As quiet as death. Somewhere in there is some deeper meaning about humanity.

    • Niko, you raise a deep question as to why humanity becomes so inert on the internet, I shall think upon this.

      How strange it is with all this motion around us that humanity is blind to the obvious that life is motion.

      • I think, in part, this illusion of motion stems from the belief that we are moving if we are physically moving, i.e., running errands, scratching off items on To Do lists, going to and fro to work, etc. This appears as if we are in motion, when, in actuality, this is an illusion of motion. Motion is not movement, motion is an undercurrent, a turbulence, a reaction of viscosity, a superconductivity. Thus, even when it seems humans are running around quite busy all of the time, in life, mind and emotion, still feel stagnant and complacent. This is not life, it is drudgery.

        As for the internet, it seems to me that mostly it is used for the collection and gathering of information/data; almost like a hoarding, rather than a means to spread ideas (although, this does happen) or collaborative/cooperative effort (although, this, too happens, like crowdfunding and the like, but we are speaking in general). That’s why I think so many forums, etc. are inert. It’s just a realm for data/information collection, no different than collecting bottle caps and setting them on a shelf, almost like a novelty, humans have taken to collecting information, bits of data, placed stagnant on a virtual shelf. It’s truly frightening.

      • Great observation about the reason for inertia on internet forums being “hoarding”… I agree. I also considered: information overload; too many choices leading to paralysis, a state of being some psychologists have noted.

  5. Nature is constantly in motion, and I suppose as we are part of nature so are we, But I think at times we may appear to have stepped out of sync and lost the plot… I am forever at odds with this idea… For we are energy beings and as such we are always in motion flowing with the current… Maybe its just the type of currents we tap into…. You and I try to be positive and flow as we blend and see nature in motion continuing to create and not conforming or be controlling, .. Yet maybe this inertia is the lull before the storm… 🙂 Where by through our very lack of motivation we are all of us pushed to the boundaries to create from scratch … Who knows… I just go with the flow! 😉
    Blessings Alex
    Sue 🙂

    • Good point about this lack of motion being a lull before the storm, and a way that will actually lead to pushing boundaries to create from scratch. I see this pattern, too. Perhaps this is a phase of evolution?

      • Yes, without chaos there would be no order, for we create order out of chaos!… We perceive things only with our human brain, not as energy beings… we put limits and restrictions in.. We have been at this point no doubt many times before..

        If we want the world to be a New World, then the Old has to give way… this is what we are now seeing with the US default.. but we hang onto old behaviour patterns thinking that they will solve problems, but they are failing… our ways of being are altering… And yet we hang onto the old …. Evolution is Change…and that is where we are at right now..
        Thank you for replying NIKotheOrb 🙂

      • Exactly! The old has to give way to the new. This is what I see as the paradigm shift: the old culture (the old way of thinking, of solving problems, of models, of general beliefs) evolving to the new culture, new ways of thinking, of solving problems (through prevention, rather than reform, or band-aids), new models of thinking (not just thinking outside of the box, but removing the box altogether), and new ways of perception. The new ways are already laid and are already happening, even as the old ways try desperately to hang on to the old (the inertia).

        You make an excellent comment!

      • And even those New ways are not New! but are what is required to keep the flow of energy constant…. We can not have Positive without Negative Energies, but the balance has to be maintained.
        We are in constant cycles, and we are at a pivotal point in the cycle right now… we can tip it one way or another… Energy is just Energy…. there is no right or wrong energy… Positive negative.. Good Bad… Our perceptions of it however is what has resulted in our ‘Fall’ if you want to term it such, from Grace… as our Free Will took hold and Ego ruled .. Now we are in need of Balancing….
        We live in exciting times… of Change..

      • Oh so true, and so well put. Yes, even this duality of good/bad, right/wrong, left/right, needs to be unlearnt, and we need to relearn that there is only energy and energy transforms and moves.

      • True it is constant…. we can not destroy energy… Energy only Transforms, and that is what we are now doing… Even our thoughts are part of the Cosmos.. for many do not even believe that first we think, our thoughts are energy in creation.. What we THINK we CREATE..

    • One way or another humanity will at some point learn that nature likes motion.

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