Respect Nature

A wasp taught me about the hostile face of nature.

Cows may seem harmless, but they can kill you.

Cows may seem harmless, but they can kill you.

In our relationship with nature it is easy to get complacent, to see nature as a cuddly safe thing.  Nature reminded me that it has a hostile ugly side when a wasp stung me in the face a few weeks ago.  Walking through my town a drunk wasp crashed into my face, then launched an attack punching my face with two stings before I killed it.  This was the period in the year when wasps become unemployed from their nests, spending their final months feasting on fermented fruit, which gets them drunk and aggressive.

A polar bear is cute and cuddly, hugging one is likely to result in severe injury or death to self.  Though I am a passionate fanatic of nature, I treat nature with the respect it demands, or face the negative consequences of disrespect.


14 responses to “Respect Nature

  1. Yes, in nature the species rather keep to their own kind unless they’re hungry, don’t they? Man has a tendency to mingle! (And woman too, of course!)

  2. Wow I wonder how I would look if I tried to hug an elephant or cuddle a lion… yes I do agree Alex treat Nature with the respect it demands…

  3. While in no way contradicting your message about Nature, what I find staggering are the many examples of Nature’s animals, both large and small, bonding with humans. If I may, as an example of this, here’s a link to an LfD post back in May about a wild grey wolf puppy that was brought up by humans:

  4. So true. We should treat nature with respect.
    Reading your post brings to my mind the story about the monk who saves a drowning scorpion, only to get bitten in return. When asked why he is even trying to save the scorpion he says: “It’s the scorpions nature to bite. It’s my nature to save.” I believe that we often forget that nature is nature. A wasp can’t help herself to bite. We should not blame nature for its nature.
    Hope the bites did not hurt too much! Ouch.

    • The wasp sting stopped hurting after a few hours, but the lump was there a week.

      You are right, all living things follow their nature, thus it is better to learn about their nature and work with them in harmony.

  5. Ouch, hope your face has healed by now.

    I am surprised more of nature doesn’t attack us for infringing on their space. We had a nasty stinging situation here when my grandson hadn’t realized wasps built a nest in a section of the dumpster. We had to talk about how he had scared them while in their home and were just protecting themselves. But I believe nature is less frightening than human society. I can at least anticipate what might happen in nature as I wander through.

  6. A healthy respect for Nature I agree Alex, Once upon a time we would be plagued with wasps, this year all we had was Bees, and two nests too, one in our home garden and one in the allotments, both really welcome…. Wasps can be nasty especially this time of year as they get drunk on the fruit juices 🙂

    We have had a huge, and I mean Huge garden spider in the green house, now While I can live with spiders and am no longer afraid of them, and can catch them in upturned glasses and set them back outdoors, This spider had built Its web was such that if I caught it, it would have fallen upon me, I would have been doing a War-Dance in the Green house… Not good.. So hubby was sent to collect the tomatoes while he set up residence across the doorway… 🙂
    I am so glad it wasnt me, as hubby forgot one day and brushed the web, the spider fell onto his arm, and nipped him…. The result being he has a nasty bite which swelled to the size of a 1pence piece.. ..
    See I had a healthy Respect…. LOL …. 🙂 and left him well alone! 🙂

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