Be like an artist

A choice in life to develop an attitude to work like an artist to a sculpture.

Rocking Horse Boy

The artist invested their life in producing this beautiful work, admired by other people. (Photo credit: unknown.)

I watched the man work from start to finish, repairing and replacing a damaged drain cover, every action taken with care, attention and skill.  A worker impressed me as he gave such care to his work, like a painter to a work of art.  The finished project was of quality.

Only I and the worker will ever know about the care and attention that went into this anonymous drain cover, one of thousands in Colchester.  People will walk by and over this drain ignorant of the devotion put into the repair of this drain cover.

The individual often will work on projects that nobody will care about, or realise the effort and devotion put into the project.  The individual has a choice, invest their attention into projects as like Mozart did to his music, or with the care of a drunk tossing an empty can of beer into a hedge.  Even if the world appears ignorant to the efforts of the individual in their work, the individual stands as witness to all they do.  How great it would be to look back on a life of care and devotion to everything the individual does, be it cleaning their teeth, or creating a poem.  Life is short, better the individual invests their limited time of life in quality and devotion than quantity and bad workmanship.


12 responses to “Be like an artist

  1. yes, that is a good way to live fully.

  2. The whole world is too fast-paced and throwaway now. I would love to spur a movement to slow things down, to appreciate the little things, to do away with immediate ‘want’ and ‘have’, to take time for quality and the things that matter!

  3. I feel much the same way with the furniture I restore. The last thing I want to do is show the buyers/recipients the original of what they are adopting, concerned they wouldn’t love the piece as much. So each piece of furniture that goes to a stranger goes without the knowledge of the work that went to make it useable again, and that’s okay with me.

  4. I think many pour their love into their work.. many may not see the amount of care or devotion gone into filling a hole in the street etc, but without people willing to put attention to detail there would be lots of holes badly filled LOL.. that being said, I think I may have come across a few holes where maybe the filler was not so happy with his job of work! hehe….

  5. Very Nice Post. Interesting and informative.

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