Doing new things

Innovation and discovery for a happy healthy brain.

This Colchester squirrel expresses innovation and discovery in search for food.

This Colchester squirrel expresses innovation and discovery in search for food.

The human brain is like a muscle, it needs activity, which keeps it happy and healthy.  One way to exercise the human brain is to do new things, innovate and discover, to encourage the brain to divert signalling down new pathways.

Nature recycles anything unused, thus any part of the unused brain is marked for destruction, so you can lose parts of your brain through non-use.

Using different parts of your brain encourages that part to develop, sending new connections, blood and nutrients to the used part.  The new connections the individual creates in their brain is the foundation stone for creativity, which is about making new connections.

The start of winter in the northern part of the world has encouraged me to try new things, such as find a new theme for Liberated Way.  I discovered Coraline, which is a clean simple theme, but allows me to showcase a cropped selection of my photos in the header.  Innovation and discovery boost positive outcomes in all parts of the individual’s life.


17 responses to “Doing new things

  1. I love it also… Nice!

  2. Using brains actually makes it better 😉

  3. Nice theme for the focus of your blog. Clean, easy to read, and pretty. 🙂

  4. [ Smiles ] Mental exercises keeps the brain young and healthy.

    The Coraline theme is a very useful one; I used it in the past without any sort of complaint.

  5. I thought you had a new look, I like it. Your squirrel picture is adorable. They are so cute it’s amazing they can be so destructive.

  6. Love your new theme, and the swan on this header too.. Its good to keep our old grey matter ticking along.. 🙂

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