Enhance your life

Improve the processes of your life to enhance your life.

Like the spider you can weave a web of enhancements to a prosperous life.

Like the spider you can weave a web of enhancements to a prosperous life.

I am in the closing stages of my anti-clutter project that has reduced my belongings by a third. When the individual faces a task like decluttering their life it is like facing a monster the size of the local mountain, better to hit a monster-project in stages, an enhancement each day. My declutter project lasted two months and two weeks, a series of small improvements each day.  I enhanced my life by my daily improvements of eliminating clutter.

The theory

When the individual wakes up each day they do a series of actions such as wash and have breakfast before they begin the day.  These morning actions are often routine, carried out with no thought.  In the mind of the individual each action has a goal, and a desired result.  The morning routine is a process of actions, and the processes of the whole day might be thought of as a system.

The processes and their results converge becoming a sense of the individual’s daily life experience.  In theory most individuals desire a life of prosperity, which is health, happiness and abundance such as abundant friends, food and money.  In addition I consider that prosperity is relative to living a sustainable life, which I define as doing action in harmony with nature, thus living in a house built on a flood plain might undermine prosperity as it conflicts with nature that will cause floods that damage the home.  An action such as exercise is in harmony with nature for the body loves motion.

The practice

If the individual considers their life experience is relative to the system of processes and the results of their processes, and that prosperity is the desirable outcome of daily activity, then the individual can map out every process of their life, the goals and the results of their daily actions.  If for example the individual is overweight, then the individual can map out the processes that contribute to the weight problem, and the individual can modify, add to, or delete to the processes to change the result to a healthier weight.

Consider that each new major change in life is like climbing a mountain, thus approach the project with a series of small enhancements each day, a mountain journey broken down into steps.  The human mind and body dislikes major change, preferring small changes.  The Japanese concept of Kaizen, which in its modern context means continuous improvement, is a good approach to all the processes of life.

Everything in nature are in a state of becoming, now, in the present.  For individual prosperity, approaching each moment of becoming in daily life with a series of continuous improvements is better than a life of unchanging stagnation.


15 responses to “Enhance your life

  1. Congratulations on your anti-clutter progress. I may actually have reduced by 1/3 too, but there’s still enough left that it will take me a while to manage completion. I’ll try the “small enhancement” approach to keep from getting overwhelmed.

  2. We’re in the middle of a huge declutter project at our house, too. Seeing that you’re accomplishing the task gives me hope!! We’re still a couple months away from completion, but, with little daily steps, I know we’ll get there. 🙂

  3. Or as I read recently: Be the Best you can Be.

  4. [ Smiles ] I am all for the enhancement of one’s life!

  5. The continual want to improve and reach the goals set is always a progression in small steps, seldom does one make it in a quick jump unless you win the Lotto…

  6. I couldn’t agree more with your philosophy of living in the Now , We hang onto far too many belongings,.. Good to see you are de cluttering and embracing life in this way Alex… Enjoy your day 🙂

  7. Hi Alex, I am hoping all is well with you my friend? as I pop over to see you
    Take care…
    Sue xox

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