Attracting wildlife to you

Give animals what they need and they will come visiting.

Offer wildlife what they need and they will come visiting as this blue tit did in my garden.

Offer wildlife what they need and they will come visiting as this blue tit did in my garden.

It is deep winter in England, and I am happy to see a major trend where anyone with access to a tree or garden hangs out food for birds.  Retail stores at Christmas devote shelves in addition to Christmas junk a vast array of equipment and food for feeding wild garden birds.  In human population areas the garden birds thrive in  winter thanks to large quantities of food put out for them.

In the garden of my home a large bird feeding station offers a variety of food for birds, and they come offering plenty of opportunities for my photography.  Because the cats also enjoy the visual eye candy the birds offer, they are vigilant and it proves challenging at the moment to get clear good photos of the birds, especially the blue tits.

If you can attract animals to your home area then it offers a great opportunity to connect with nature.  Offer food, shelter and anything else an animal needs to survive and it will come, offering you many wonderful experiences with nature.  I envy the home in Brightlingsea earlier this year that attracted a black bird to raise young in a nest in a hedge next to the front door.

Plant the right flowers, the bees will come; install nesting boxes and the birds will nest there; leave food out and the birds will become regular visitors.  In the small urban garden I live at I have encountered foxes, hedgehogs, all kinds of birds, and I shared peanuts with a squirrel that came visiting this morning.  Leave parts of a garden wild and it offers opportunities for animals to make their home there.  Living close to animals makes life brighter and helps connect with nature.


6 responses to “Attracting wildlife to you

  1. We have several bird feeders in the backyard. When we manage to keep the voracious squirrels away, it is the nature wonderful you describe. Lovely post.

    • Ha ha, there is a squirrel that lives in a tree near my garden which attempts to raid the bird feeder. In my home is a cat called Helix who has been trying to catch the squirrel for the last two years.

  2. Love the bird feeder… when I got down to my son in Kathu I noticed from the feeder I set up here last time that nothing had been placed (fruit) since I was last here… put a few apples on it and now every day when I go outside the birds are waiting for me…

  3. [ Smiles ] We should be grateful for any opportunity to connect with Nature.

    Great article, Alex.

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