Being like a magnet

Provide a solution to a need and you become a magnet.

My offered chocolate on Christmas Day attracted the delighted Colchester Castle Park squirrels to me.

My offered chocolate on Christmas Day attracted the delighted Colchester Castle Park squirrels to me.

A flower evolved perfume, colour and nectar to attract insects such as bees to pollinate it.  Like anything in life the individual has to plant seeds for anything to grow, to offer the world something attractive to attract opportunities.  Do nothing, gain nothing.

Over a week ago I regained ownership of my laptop bag from the cat Helix, denied its favoured bag to sleep upon the homeless cat then vanished upstairs, so it felt empty working on my laptop with no cat sleeping near me.  In the UK Boxing Day sales I purchased at a bargain price a sleeping bed for a small dog at £3.50, placed the bed near me, then let nature take its course.  Helix found the bed and as I hoped adopted it as its new sleeping base, I now have a cat back near me curled up like a happy sleeping ball.

To attract people, animals, plants or opportunities into your life, you have to invest resources of time, energy and money into things that they need.  There is nothing mystical about becoming a magnet; understand what the other party needs then provide it.


11 responses to “Being like a magnet

  1. Cloro sleeps on the printer beside me when I am on the PC. It is a comfort.


  2. I realize you are trying to be kind but you should not give chocolate to animals, it can kill your dog or cat so heaven only knows what it will do to the squirrels.

  3. This is great. Someome wise once told me : when you meet someone ask yourself what YOU can do for them

  4. Loved the Cat got a comfy bed… 🙂 They certainly know how to curl up and relax… I hope you got some relaxing time after your busy time over Christmas Alex…
    Sending you well wishes for the new year xox

  5. I believe you are now officially a cat-lover. How quickly you have taken to him. It is true that we attract others to us by our acts. I have met so many wonderful people simply because I cleared a field and provided garden beds and a seating area for the tenants. My son jokes that no one would ever try to harm me because I have everyone watching over me now. 🙂 To think all I did was play in the dirt, which I love doing.

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