Making your own luck

Create and be attentive to opportunity.


These Colchester crows create their luck by positioning themselves and being attentive to the foraging squirrel, whose found nuts they will steal.

There is nothing mystical about luck.  If the individual desires an oak tree in the middle of their garden, no amount of praying, meditation or mystical ritual will manifest an oak tree out of nothing; plant an acorn in the soil, give the acorn attention, and the chances are high after a period of time an oak tree will manifest.

In recent weeks I have been lucky finding many coins and currency notes on the ground that inattentive, stressed and drunk people drop upon the ground in the dark.  This luck has been due to a few years of practice of observation as I walk around, a fun challenge of spotting coins on the ground, and thus I have an eye of a hawk, my instinctive scanning of the ground creates the opportunity to find dropped coins.

In my garden is a shed, upon which the pine needles of a tree fall upon the roof, decomposing into a mulch, and little blades of grass are growing, seizing an opportunity to live in the mulch of the shed roof.  In my local park the squirrels forage for nuts they buried in the ground, with crows shadowing them, the squirrel find the nut, the crows seize the opportunity to grab the nut.  Feeding ducks, individuals encounter seagulls swoop in to grab the food even before it hits the water.  Our cat Helix sits attentive in hidden places watching the birds feeding at the food station, waiting the opportunity to grab a careless bird.

Luck is neither random or mystical.  Nature offers the insight that living things create their opportunities through effort and attention.  I find my coins because I trained my mind to spot them, then I maintain a watchful subconscious attention for the coins.  Some seagulls I observe create opportunities for food by stamping their feet in a rain dance on the ground to trick the worms to the surface.

There is an experience called synchronicity, a type of coincidence where an individual thinks or acts in some manner that appears to coincide with an event, for instance I think of a person and a second later that person telephones me.  Whilst synchronicity is one aspect of the weirdness in nature, at the core is an individual who has acted either in thought or deed to make space for an opportunity to arise of synchronicity.


9 responses to “Making your own luck

  1. Very nice post! Enjoy the message in it, especially the part about nature! I really enjoyed the picture of the squirrel too! Good work!

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  3. Great post Alex. I too believe that synchronicity derived from focus, attention and intention is real.

  4. Insightful post that begs the question: what have we trained our minds to spot, and what are we missing? Michael

  5. Lovely post Alex, and I believe in manifesting when we focus with intent, we bring it into our realm of reality .. Loved that you found some coins and notes… Reminds me of my dear old Granddad who would always be bent over and spot coins upon the floor… and then he would give them to us Grandchildren 🙂
    Gratitude goes around as the Universe brings its abundance to those who also give… Like attracts Like!.. 🙂 So well done ..

    Wishing you a wonderful 2014 Alex … Sue xox

    • Like certainly attracts like Sue, thus by good associations, deeds and thoughts the individual can reap dividends in their life. May prosperity knock at your door in 2014.

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