Under the weather

The weather teaches humanity to respect nature.

The weather reminds humanity that nature is in charge.

The weather reminds humanity that nature is in charge.

I could weep, I look at the weather forecast… rain… then more rain.  For more than three months one of the driest places in Britain, my town of Colchester, has been under siege of rain, storm and tidal surge.  Back in October last year I saw my beloved tree destroyed by a storm, whilst last week an ancient oak wood in Wales was obliterated by a ten-minute storm.

I am watching a daffodil slowly emerge two months early, in a winter that so far has had few days of minus temperatures.  I enjoy an occasional day free of rain, but most days I am fighting it out with the rain.

The UK Government called an emergency meeting of Cobra today as the west of Britain, Wales, Scotland and Ireland was expecting record tidal surges, high winds and floods of heavy rain.  Canada and Northern USA face an enormous snow storm.  California is heading into drought crisis with another year of poor rain.

Last night I went camping to get close to nature, waking to a river of rainwater that demanded entrance to my tent.  Despite the weather the local foxes are screaming and fighting over mates.  If I was being forgetful about nature, stormy weather and screaming fox reminded me who was in charge.  Tonight I go camping again, and it is going to rain again.


13 responses to “Under the weather

  1. Must admit inspite of being a nature lover I don’t share your love of camping. Yet I admire your commitment. Best of luck 🙂

  2. You would not be camping here. Hasn’t stopped snowing since before Xmas, except for the freezing rain and ice pellets and tomorrow we are to have a blizzard just for a change. 20 to 30 cm of snow and high winds. It is -23 C degrees today. My car is buried down by the highway and heaven only knows when I’ll get it out. Good luck with your camping. I’ll see my daffodils around May some time.

    • I have been fortunate with no snow and mild conditions, though the rain is relentless. I don’t envy your situation with the harsh winter. You are right, it would be suicidal for me to camp out in the conditions you experience. I hope you are well prepared for your long winter.

    • Cape Breton Island, I see from your own blog. Sounds like a fascinating place to live. Stonehenge is a magical place – I speak as a Brit who knows the SW of England very well, now living in Southern Oregon.

  3. Spoke with my brother-in-law this morning who lives just outside Totnes, Devon and he said that the rainstorms coming in from the Atlantic were unprecedented.

    Meanwhile, here in Oregon (Merlin) after 6.67 inches of rain in December 2012, a year later we had just 0.24 inches. Drought conditions in the middle of Winter!

    I think Mother Nature is spelling it out in large, capital letters!

  4. You do know nature doesn’t like to be challenged. Becareful camping. May you rise with sunshine.

  5. Yes it seems the elements are in their extremes of late as storms seems to be gaining in strengths..
    Happy New Year Alex and keep warm in your tent, I hope the wind dies down a little for you.

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