A new definition of prosperity

Prosperity defined: Health; Happiness; Creativity.

The TED lectures that sometimes feature younger minds offer for me new ways of looking at the world.  I watched the following today:

The young speaker offers a new approach to education, which is worth viewing, but also defined prosperity as health, happiness and creativity. In addition to health and happiness I had previously added abundance. Thinking again about prosperity I recognise that if the individual lives a healthy, happy and creative life, they will attract abundance as a result. I have replaced abundance with creativity in my definition of prosperity.

Welcome and an Update.

Welcome to all my new readers.  I hope you will benefit from reading this blog.

My business has been absorbing all my available time and energy at the moment, so my apologies for lack of posting on this blog.  Rain and storm continue to besiege me here in Colchester UK, and I dream of beautiful warm days.

I wish all my readers prosperity for 2014, a life of health, happiness and creativity.


10 responses to “A new definition of prosperity

  1. Wow, that video is scary. If we had more kids like that, the world might actually function.

    Welcome back Alex, just last night I wondered where you’d gone. A happy New Year to you and yours.


  2. Alex what a lovely find.. And what a wise old head on young shoulders. 🙂 Wishing you well in 2014 too.. 🙂

  3. Wishing you well for 2014… vid a bit long for us to view here, but if you posted, it must be good…

  4. Alex, it’s good to have you back. I assumed business must have been taking up much of your time.

    This young teen was amazing to watch. I wish more of our youth had the freedom he has in his education. When I pulled my boys out of school I received much of the same reaction his mother did. I’m glad she followed through as he is a testament to her hopes for him when she did.

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  6. Love your new blog layout Alex,Mirrors your razor sharp mind.

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