A sorry looking fox

Crocus flowers.  The great thing about photographing flowers is they don't run away.

Crocus flowers. The great thing about photographing flowers is they don’t run away.

Camping, my ears hurt from the sound of the rain and wind that beat down on the tent. By the chill morning the blue spring sky plus sun had reasserted its dominion.

I poke my head out of the tent ready to start the new day.  A fox sits looking at me, its front legs far apart facing the sun.  It is a sorry-looking fox, fur in all directions, like it had been through a spin dryer.  The fox is attempting to dry itself in the sun.

I typically had no camera to record a great photo opportunity near my tent.  The fox remains an elusive four-legged goal to photograph.  A message of this event: know your goal; prepare for your goal; seize the opportunity to meet the goal.  I shall take my camera with me camping in future.


6 responses to “A sorry looking fox

  1. Yes the Spring weather is up and down, I always think on Nature and the animals in the wild… The Sun last week brought out Bees and even I saw a few butterflies.. Now as I speak we are in the middle of a Hail storm,
    The elusive fox maybe next time you cant snap him as he comes closer to investigate you . 😉
    Stay safe and keep warm…

    • I hope to have got a photo of that elusive fox before year end 🙂

      The hail and rain caught me today, then the sun came out. The chill in the air remains.

      I see the huge bumble bees, though they seem more interested in looking for something else rather than flowers.

  2. [ Laughs ] I don’t think that the fox would have appreciated being photographed in such a dishevelled condition.

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