A contented cat

The cat Helix enjoying a contented moment in the sun.  It is often remarked that cats are the master of humans, a reflection of their liberated status.

The cat Helix enjoying a contented moment in the sun. It is often remarked that cats are the master of humans, because of their liberated status.

I will never forget the face of the cat Pebbles who yesterday looked up to me in contented bliss.  This unsociable cat, which I always made time to talk to and stroke over the winter months, has recently taken to settling down close to me when I work at the computer at home.  I had seen such an expression in other cats when they face themselves towards the sun enjoying its warmth, so it seemed to me that I was like the warm sun to this cat.

Cats are one of the few animals I have no problems with as pets, since they apparently chose to live with humans in history, and most of these cats tend to do as they please, since they are mostly allowed to express their innate nature.

I recently read the sad news that a zoo in Denmark destroyed four healthy lions who were surplus to requirements, a month after doing the same thing to a healthy giraffe.  Reducing such animals to an object of consumption, disposable as like an empty can of coke offends me.

The greatest pleasure to me is an animal that I encounter that is totally liberated to follow its own nature, which includes the foxes, frogs, squirrels, swans, robins and other free animals I encounter daily in nature.  I find it disagreeable that humans cage animals as either pets or zoo exhibits for entertainment value for humans, seen as no more than objects, cast out when they become useless as if their sentient aliveness meant nothing.  It means more to me to interact with a liberated contented cat or a curious fox than an unhappy animal inside an enclosure.


4 responses to “A contented cat

  1. Zoos today are a far cry from the ‘prisons’ they were. However, putting down healthy animals is something that I can’t agree with. More needs to be done to find an alternative. My pet hate is caged birds, very popular here in Brazil and the locals at the bar who take their caged birds for a ‘walk’ to the bar get told so.

    Cats are unique as pets, because man cannot confine them.


    • Another example is my local zoo here in Colchester where they shot dead four wolves that somehow got out, but were close to the location they escaped from. I won’t support zoos in any form.

  2. What a great post, thanks for sharing.

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