A robin and King Arthur

Prosperity is due to giving people liberty, opportunity and stability.

Given liberty, opportunity and stability this robin in my garden enjoys health, happiness and abundance.

Given liberty, opportunity and stability this robin in my garden enjoys health, happiness and abundance.

I am researching King Arthur at the moment. Arthur has many names including the name Cerdic to the Saxons, but what amazed me was how he managed to rule people of many races, language and religion in a manner that drew positive opinion by all those parties long after his death. Arthur was one of the last Roman generals of the old order who followed the ideal of allowing people live their lives in freedom as longs as they did not threaten his rule and paid their taxes.

Arthur was pragmatic, allowing people for instance to live the religion they desired, which meant there was no reason for them to rebel, allowing him to concentrate his attention on expanding his empire rather than fight constant rebellions in his own dominions. Arthur only fell when his family collapsed into civil war evidently due to conflict between two sisters (Triad 53: one of the “Three Harmful Blows of the Island of Britain.

From Arthur I learnt that regardless of type of ruler, people will never rebel, but support the ruler if the ruler gives them three things: liberty, opportunity and stability.  In the time of Arthur Britain was in chaos as petty warlords fought for supremacy, Arthur gave the people stability.  Arthur also allowed people liberty to practice their own culture, religion and language in peace.  Arthur gave people opportunity by allowing them the ability to trade, grow crops and build their homes using the free resources the land provided.

I can apply liberty, opportunity, and stability to the local robin in my garden.  The robin has stability to raise young because the garden is quiet and secure.  The robin has liberty in that nobody imposes limitations on its ability to express its innate nature as a robin.  The robin has opportunity because the garden has nesting sites, food, water and nest-building materials.  Liberty, opportunity and stability has a positive outcome of a happy, healthy and abundant robin.


2 responses to “A robin and King Arthur

  1. I watched the King Arthur movie today. What a co-incidence. 🙂

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