Catching a fox

After two years of hunting I catch a fox with my camera.

After two years of frustration  I finally photograph a fox which appeared out of nowhere in my garden.

After two years of frustration I finally photograph a fox, which appeared out of nowhere in my garden.

Nature is a shifting tapestry of life, often catching me by surprise with magical manifestations of wildlife that abruptly vanish before I can catch a brief record of its passing through my life.  It is a matter of chance that I get lucky with my camera, and I was in luck today.

This morning a fox manifested in my garden.  The fox sat looking at me, it had a forlorn look about it, but the fox was content to sit and watch me as it sun bathed in the warmth of a tranquil garden.  I had my camera with me, so I made up for two years of frustration by firing off dozens of photographs of my elusive wary model.  The fox made my day.


19 responses to “Catching a fox

  1. What an awesome experience.


  2. Brilliant Alex… and such a good capture too.. I think not only did you manifest the fox, I think by the fact of you sending out your thoughts the law of attraction also came into play… 🙂 Great to see a fox..
    My sister managed to film one in her garden a couple of weeks ago.. It too looked too thin… It was picking up some bread she had left it for the birds… ( Full slices ) It took them one by one and then buried them under her border hedge…. It was fascinating too watch … And Like you, Made her day…
    Wonderful.. Enjoy your weekend Alex

  3. Fabulous! Would love to include the photograph with one of a vulture warming its wings that I photographed yesterday. Possibly in a post over the Easter weekend.

  4. Congrats,
    I live in rural Maryland where the Red Fox is abundant. Elusive to say the least. I was fortunate enough to have a dog that was half Red Fox and Half German Shepherd (verified by 3 Vets). She was a real beauty; and such fun to have around. A bit short tempered with strangers and other dogs but generally good tempered. I sure do miss her even after 25 years.
    She was about the size of a Cocker Spaniel. If you can lure a young one in and befriend it; feed it and be at peace with it; it will return and you can make friends with them. It’s no small feat but it has been done. Seclusion is essential and quiet as well. Very rewarding endeavor if you are inclined.

  5. [ Laughs ] It actually took you two years to get a photograph of a fox?

    I will speculate that you felt as though you had won the lottery when you finally photographed that fox and great picture by the way!

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  7. Good thing you had your camera. I miss many shots because I always forget my camera. Great shot!

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