The mystery of Amber

Can you love a wild animal?

Amber the fox, happy to just be.

Amber the fox, happy to just be.

Do you remember a special event, perhaps a birthday? Are you excited when you anticipate the event, and if there is a mystery, even better?  It is the same for me these last few mornings, will I see her again? I speak of Amber the fox who adds to my excitement of getting up in the morning.

I think I am in love, if that is the right word.  Can you be in love with a fox? It has only been the last few days the elusive creature has stayed around long enough for me to observe and photograph her.  My friend thinks Amber is pregnant, so my imagination sees fox cubs running around my garden in a few months.

I love the floppy ears of Amber, her pensive sad and shy eyes.  She is beautiful in a sort of magical way, fragile, naïve and caught between trust that she is safe and the wary nature of a creature living in a dangerous world.  She desires the warmth of the sun rather than the cold darkness of her den situated I think behind the garden fence.

Since the two days I photographed her sitting in my garden, I look out for her.  Yesterday she was not there, and I felt a twinge of loss.  I saw her today sitting amongst the fallen branches of a conifer tree, watchful, that same enchanting expression.  I feel her fragile presence, something small in the vastness of the universe, insignificant and tiny against the multitude of enemies arrayed to destroy her.  If it is true that she carries fox cubs, it adds to the enchanting mystery, something waiting to manifest into the universe, little fox cubs that may one day play in my garden.


8 responses to “The mystery of Amber

  1. Good question. Can you be in love with a fox? An endearing piece, thank you.

  2. Of course you can be in love with a wild animal. That beautiful fox is gorgeous. We love the wild turkeys that come every afternoon. The wild deer that we feed over the Winter. The lone male goose that comes to our pond out in the fields each morning, overdue to return North for the Summer.

    If only we all loved this planet and the natural world we wouldn’t be on the brink of a global catastrophe!

  3. I have to add that we had grey foxes visit our encampment in the Pantanal behind the kitchen to eat scraps. I always looked out for them. They were aware of my presence and wary, but yes, I loved those foxes. Not the same with Alan, a Paraguayan cayman who also visited for the scraps, he wasn’t as endearing.

    I understand exactly what you are saying.

    Fox cubs, what an exciting turn of events. I hope Amber stays around to let you photograph them.


  4. I don’t think I’ve ever read of a fox described as naïve. Good for you. Literature has ruined the general perception of animals with stereotypes, myself included. However, we need an impression to make a message. Thank you for shattering my preconceived notions!

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