Angry people and flowers

Time is precious, how do you spend your time?

Perhaps the same blackbird that is devoted to feeding its young and partner, whilst defending its territory.

Perhaps the same blackbird I feed that devotes itself to feeding its young and partner, whilst defending its territory.

A car cuts up another car, the angry driver uses a finger to insult the other driver.  Humanity, always rushing, angry and disconnected from everything.  Humanity proceeding through life glued to their smartphones, whilst the music of their ipads drown out fellow people and nature.

Too busy to sample the treasures of nature, humanity instead buys artificial electronic sounds of birds singing and artificial woodland smells emanating from electronic perfume gadgets. I have no need for the artificiality, I slow down, watch, listen and smell nature around me.  It rains, the relaxing beat of the raindrops, the fresh clean smell of water as it hits the dry thirsty ground.  The birds sing, a bee hovers in a bush of flowers. I smell the flowers.

Even now as I write this post I and the cat Pebbles watches a pigeon drinking from the bird bath.  I also interact with nature, this morning casting the last crumbled remains of digestive biscuits on the grass for the family of blackbirds, watching the male move backwards and forwards to feed their fledglings whilst the female has her own breakfast. I marvel at the starlings who seem to have telescopic vision in seeing small crumbs on the ground.

Today marked the anniversary of the death of someone, it is a year that has blinked by.  Life passes through our fingers like sand, the angry car driver spends his precious time insulting others, I spend mine smelling flowers.


4 responses to “Angry people and flowers

  1. Amen, I agree with you. Artificial nature? Oogy at best.

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