Nature is all around you

People encase themselves in a bubble that blinds them to nature.


Nature is all around you if you can break through the insular bubble.

An amazing thing happens when you pay regular attention to nature, the insular bubble about the self bursts, then it is like your awareness increases and you are saturated in the sensations of nature at every moment.  Nature is always there but humanity has become desensitised so that it is like nature never exists to many people.

Camping last night I awake to gnawing sounds outside the tent, thinking it was a fox vandalising my tent ropes I unzipped the tent flap and pushed my head out.  The hedgehog was as surprised as I was, before it promptly ran into the cover of a nearby hedge.  Sleeping in nature one has to put up with the nocturnal visits of earthworm loving hedgehogs; foxes causing my tent to collapse on me in the rain; and waking up to a frog blinking at me before chasing it out of the tent.

Getting out of the tent, usually woken by pigeons, magpies or other organic alarm clocks, I have to remove the occasional slug from the inside of the tent flap, then enjoy a shower as droplets of morning dew shower me as I struggle out into a face full of flowers.

Going around Colchester I am fully aware of nature all about me.  The discarded egg shells of newly hatched birds dumped by the parents on the ground; every other house seemingly occupied by a starlings nest, the young all crying out for their parents to feed them.  The moss on the shed roof in my garden is a source of nesting material, the birds dump moss on my path, which I clean up so that I can see the snails to avoid treading on them amongst the discarded moss at night.

For the first time in my life I saw a slow worm in Colchester along an urban path.  Nature is all around if people pay attention


11 responses to “Nature is all around you

  1. nature is risk and death – and beauty. Heady stuff for most of us. How different to ride my mountain bike along logging roads where the wild-flowers are intoxicating and to hike in Yellowstone park where Grizzlies might be about.

  2. What a lovely post! This is so true. I need an infusion of nature daily, even if it’s in my own backyard. It clears the mind, enlivens the heart and invigorates the spirit.

  3. If we do pay attention we do see all this too, but not many people do that any more. I find it great you sleep in a tent in nature and see everything so close. (it would be bit cold for me still though)

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