Nature speaks in patterns

The wise apply good strategies to developing patterns.

Can the individual see the patterns and apply good strategies in life like a game of Go?

Can the individual see the patterns and then apply good strategies in life like a game of Go?

Anyone who has experienced nature eventually becomes aware that nature follows and speaks in patterns, that life takes a deeper meaning like a playful game of Go.  For those that have never played Go it is a game of wisdom; where each player takes it in turn to place their counter upon the board with view to capturing space; the patterns develop by each placed counter; the wise individual uses good strategy to changing situations on the game board.

Wisdom is an important ability to see the patterns and apply the correct strategies to those patterns.  My good friend Paul in his blog reports that the amount of heat in the Pacific ocean this year has shattered all known records, it is like a counter that nature has played upon the metaphorical Go game board.  For those that are wise to the patterns of nature, the news of this large warming in the Pacific might suggest a pattern of extreme weather around the world within a few months.  Here then is an opportunity for the wise to prepare their ongoing strategies for what might be a roller coaster ride of extreme weather later in 2014.


6 responses to “Nature speaks in patterns

  1. Alex, it was generous of you to include that link but I was only reporting in turn what had been reported by scientists. So I mustn’t take the credit! Interesting times!

  2. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] And, the trick is to figure out those patterns.

  3. Yes these patterns have been here throughout time.. Its up to us to figure them out and adapt and plan accordingly 😉 Those who watch nature and observe will see long before a Thunderstorm hits the birds make plans and get to shelter.. Not often will you see them caught out in torrential rain or hail.. They adhere to the Waves of Nature… We however have lost those instincts .. And yet even when Science points its fingers .. Still those who are creating such changes and imbalances still do not heed the patterns… But bury their heads…
    Great post Alex.. I guess one day those patterns will be making their mark upon all of our environments.. Only then it maybe too late to reverse..

    Blessings Sue

    • For those with the wisdom, they pay attention to the patterns and then can act in advance before any event. It is sad that most people have lost their “instincts.”

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