Healing in nature

Nature can speed up recovery from illness.

Amber the fox appeared during my illness and sat watching me.

Amber the fox appeared during my illness and sat watching me.

Illness struck like a bolt of lightning yesterday, a  24-hour cold that left me seeking my tent where I stayed.  When ill I withdraw from humanity, turn off my cellphone and concentrate on getting better.

Getting rid of humanity is one challenge, nature is another.  The ants were having a party in my tent when I arrived, it took some effort to evict my unwelcome visitors.  The sun heated the tent, so I left the flaps open, there I stayed in my private hell.

Nature is a healer.  I listened to the birds, other birds hop by.  The grey squirrel paid a visit, then I fell asleep.  I awoke to Amber the fox sitting watching me, she is enjoying the sun, moving with the sun closer and closer to me.  The fox is so close I become anxious since it is still a wild unpredictable animal.

Eventually Amber vanished back to her den.  I leave my own artificial den, my tent, the cold begins to recede.  Later I take an early night in my tent, it rains and the few ants in my tent I leave be.  By morning I am well enough to return to running my stressful business.


6 responses to “Healing in nature

  1. Sorry to hear about your cold. But not that sorry! 😉 Because without your cold you wouldn’t have been inspired to write these wonderful words. Hope you are fully recovered.

  2. Glad you feel better and being healed with nature around you.

  3. Glad you used Nature to heal Alex.. She does that when we allow her energy in… 🙂 You obviously allowed your energies to merge.. And I am Happy two fold. One because your cold is much healed and Two you got to see and take a picture of Amber 🙂

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