Look after the essential

Look after those things that you care about in life.

Amber the fox enjoys sleeping in my garden in the sun, especially when the lawn is cut.

Amber the fox enjoys sleeping in my garden in the sun, especially when the lawn is cut.  The photo was taken today, one of many this fox has provided for me. Look after the essential, and the essential will look after you.

It was only one week, illness, rain and a busy life, I neglected the garden.  In that week the birds had eaten all the food, the bird bath was growing algae, and the lawn was like a jungle.

I took a few hours out of my time, and mowed the lawn; I cleaned the bird bath, filling it with clean water; the food station was again overflowing with bird food.  Then it rained.  Three inches of rain inside one hour; the ancient riverbed nearby that is a busy road became a river once more.

Next morning, the birds returned.  Amber the fox was back too.  Amber likes to sun herself on a cut lawn on a warm day.  The birds like a cut lawn because they can see and catch food easily.  Looking after the essential means looking after the needs of those areas of your life you care about such as the needs of the my local garden birds and Amber the fox, by doing so they will continue to share the space with you, but if you neglect their needs, they will suffer or abandon you.


11 responses to “Look after the essential

  1. Great post Alex and you provided some provoking thoughts. The essential needs in life, as well as our environment and nature, we also need our bodies and minds to function optimally and also consider the essential needs of those we love as well as the strangers we meet. A little patience, awareness and understanding goes a long long way 😃

    • Looking after the needs of a wild bird or a fox is a simple thing, but carries over as a concept for the larger things in life such as relationships and a business.

      As you say our body and mind needs the same care and attention, since if these fail we can lose everything.

  2. Love your relationship with Amber, she looks very much at rest on your newly mown lawn. I await further adventures.


  3. So loving! Cheers!

  4. Brilliant post Alex.. you are so right ..Plus we each have an affect upon another.. We too like to keep the bird bath fresh and the bird table topped up.. The rewards are great indeed, if we look after the essentials in life..

    Loved the photo of the Fox too Alex.. 🙂 Nice to see he is so comfortable around you.. Shows his trust… another essential element we need to adhere too
    Sue 🙂

    • Looking after the essential is something mentioned in “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It also says about a concept of “taming” which is about creating ties with that which we interact with, and says ““You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”

  5. We’ve been caring for the birds all winder. Now they are nesting all around the house. In fact we have one living in the wall. My inspiration today.

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