Do new things

Doing new things results in wisdom, creativity and innovation.

I did something new and purchased a bike rather than run everywhere, which makes for a more effective and less exhausting life.

I did something new and purchased a bike rather than run everywhere, which makes for a more effective and less exhausting life.

In moments of limited stress and in good health I think I am immortal, until my body reminds me otherwise.  I do not drive, I run everywhere, or I use public transport.  I prefer to run to a business project five miles away than take the bus.  On those moments when I face a business project far away, on a national holiday when the buses stop working, and when it is uneconomic to hire a car driver, I will run 20 miles, then do the project, then run back home another 20 miles, all on the same day.  I look back at those moments and I think I am mad doing this, and I avoid thinking what others must think of my craziness.

All this running everywhere rather than using alternatives reached a peak in recent weeks leaving me constantly exhausted.  I fell ill, the immortal fell to earth with a crash, and the reality check hurt.  My body went on strike forcing me to take a day off work, but then  after one day, still ill, I was back working, still trying to convince myself I was immortal.

After this illness things had to change, I had to try new things or face something far more serious than a rampaging cold.  I considered purchasing a bike.  On Monday after a few days of research, I was riding around Colchester Castle on my maiden voyage of remembering how to ride a bike again, and managed to avoid crashing into people, squirrels and a nearby skip.

This bike is a lifesaver, since now I can get to business projects faster, and I am less exhausted.  The bike I nicknamed “Branwen” is currently chained to an apple tree, and frustratingly I cannot get to it because the fox Amber is sleeping close by it.

The bike is a reminder that we should always try new things every day, and in our existing activities, so that we gain the opportunity to make new creative connections, gain wisdom, and benefit from new innovations.  I got too stuck in old ways of thinking, and one consequence of that was I became ill.


5 responses to “Do new things

  1. You left me exhausted just thinking about running such distances! I presume that I could give you quite a few years! 🙂

  2. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Running keeps you fit, Alex.

    Next time, don’t chain your bike on the apple tree; roll it inside of the house; that way, you wouldn’t have to wake up Amber.

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