Sustainable with nature

Sustainability is action in harmony with nature.

Amber asleep in my garden today.

Amber asleep in my garden today.

I needed my bike, then found Amber the fox sleeping near it this morning.  This is one of those moments of conflict between me and nature.  I choose to let Amber sleep undisturbed for an hour, the fox then vanishes as suddenly and mysteriously as it appeared.  What I practice is sustainability, action in harmony with nature.  I accommodated the fox in my decision-making, and now will make sure my bike is in a place where I can get to it without conflicting with Amber.

For lack of words I describe animals and plants as naïve, for they choose to situate themselves in places and situations without awareness of the potential conflicts with humanity.  A small bee colony chooses my garden shed as its home, the bees are unaware of the potential problems they might cause if that part of the shed needs access by humans.  A blue tit decides to select a metal box designed for disposal of cigarette butts by people in flats as a nest.  When I visit, I hear chirps in the box, I look in through the hole and see hungry young blue tits calling for food from parents that constantly move backwards and forwards from the nest.  I hope the people in the flats have accommodated the blue tit family in their decision-making.

Because plants and animals are naïve, the onus is upon humanity, who can see the greater picture, to work in harmony with nature in their activities.  Wind farms with their great turbines may seem a great idea, but they kill vast numbers of birds who come into contact with the turbines.  The same goes for solar farms that cook birds to death.  The birds are naïve, they are unable to understand the hidden dangers of wind and solar farms; humanity can understand, better design, and use innovations to create wind and solar farms that are safe to birds.

Responsibility starts and ends with humanity to act in harmony with nature, for plants and animals are naïve and are unable to understand the dangers that humanity creates for them.


13 responses to “Sustainable with nature

  1. Bro, thanks for taking great care of nature! Good Sharing! Cheers!

  2. Yet another beautiful picture of Amber.

  3. Lovely post and I enjoyed the snoozing Amber picture very much. Reminded me of my garden in London years ago, where a fox family moved in and used my shed as their favourite look-out tower to survey the neighbouring gardens for easy prey (frogs, mice, etc).

    • Hi Maria, Amber has been a great source of inspiration and photographic opportunities for me. I am lucky that she has chosen my garden as a regular place of visits. Did you have an opportunity to see fox cubs at play in your garden?

  4. so true! thank you for posting~

  5. yes, I am of a divided mind about wind power.

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