Tragedy and hope in nature

The fire of hope always burns in the midst of tragedy in nature.

The mate of this mother swan was killed, yet she manifests hope in continuing to nurture her eggs.

The mate of this mother swan died, yet she manifests hope in continuing to nurture her eggs.

I walked along the Colchester river and discovered a swan nesting on seven eggs. The park rangers had fenced off the location to give the mother swan privacy, for in the UK mute swans are legally protected birds.

I took photographs to contrast the beauty of nature, the swan and her eggs, against the ugliness of human rubbish, the plastic bag and other human debris that is now part of this swan nest.  I once came upon a householder who lived near the river who complained about swans being messy, I said nothing for the irony of his words was evident all around him in the discarded human rubbish.

I later came upon a fellow photographer who told me this swan mother had recently lost her mate, a father killed in a battle with his son.  The mother had abandoned her nest for a time, and the photographer feared the eggs would now never hatch.  Despite the tragic events, here was a mother swan who continued to express the hope of bringing about new life in the face of her many challenges.

Over the many years of observing and interacting with nature I have seen many tragedies, and yet the victims of circumstance carry on striving, making do with the situations they find, instinctively working in the hope of positive outcomes such as this swan mother.  Humanity, for all of us suffer challenging situations, can all find individual examples in nature of animals and plants that will continue to fight through their challenges in the hope of a positive outcome.


4 responses to “Tragedy and hope in nature

  1. Brilliant post Alex… am I right, swans mate for life???

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