The importance of symbolism

Symbolism helps you remember important information.

I look for a story or symbol in many of my photographs.  This is the Mercury statue on the Colchester Mercury Theatre reaching up to the sun.

I look for a story or symbol in many of my photographs. This is the Mercury statue on the Colchester Mercury Theatre reaching up to the sun.

Each day I sadly pass sections of Roman wall in Colchester that are missing, part of a quarter of the two thousand-year old wall lost to history, demolished in the English civil war between King and Parliament.  The siege of Colchester, which supported the King, ended in defeat for the royalists, their leaders executed by firing squad behind Colchester Castle. Parliament later executed by beheading the English King Charles I.

Through symbolism the modern English Parliament reminds the present Queen who is in charge.  Today was the re-opening of Parliament for the final year before national elections.  The Queen’s representative the Black Rod visited Parliament today, then had the door slammed in his face.  The Queen has to attend Parliament today to read a speech prepared for her by Parliament to inform the nation what they plan to do over the next year.

As a sign of good faith the Queen is given a hostage of a Member of Parliament who she imprisons at her palace in case anyone chooses to harm her whilst she visits Parliament.  Soldiers search the cellars under Parliament in case anyone has stored gunpowder to blow up the British Government with the Queen, as Guy Fawkes attempted to do in 1605.

As a reminder to the Queen of who is in charge, she puts on her robes in a room with a large portrait of her beheaded ancestor Charles I looking down upon her.  After the Queen delivers her speech, the Members of Parliament initially ignore what she said and debate on the subject of outlaws instead.

The event today was not without its own unpredictable symbolism when there was heard a loud thud when the Queen was announcing UK plans on Iran, when a page-boy fainted.


2 responses to “The importance of symbolism

  1. Why do you find it sad that a part of the wall is missing. Surely the gap itself is a symbol of what happened?

    • The Roman Wall is a symbol in its own right that marks the borders of the old city, it is the sense of history lost thanks to a war and a vindictive response of demolition by the forces of Parliament after they won the fight over Colchester.

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