Intervention and the steward

The role and drama of a steward in nature.

The cat Pebbles is incredibly brave or stupid decided to pick a fight with my local fox Amber, I intervened to prevent injury.

The cat Pebbles is incredibly brave or stupid decided to pick a fight with my local fox Amber, I intervened to prevent injury.

All people are responsible for something in life, which might be your own body, a family or a class of students.  You are a steward, your role is protection, guidance and enhancement of that which you steward.

I am currently a steward of a small garden in Colchester visited by many plants and animals.  As steward I attempt to bring about prosperity for all my stakeholders, the plants and animals that visit my garden, their health, happiness and abundance.  It is the nature of my diverse stakeholders that they often conflict, the cats will hunt the birds for example.

As steward I provide opportunity to my stakeholders of prosperity, for instance I provide fresh water and various foods for birds.  I follow the rule of liberty, allowing all my stakeholders the liberty to follow their natures without control, unless they do harm to others, which is when I will intervene.  An example was the larger birds bullying the smaller birds for the “fat balls,” so I enhanced their opportunities by providing the smaller birds with a special feeder with a cage that blocked the larger birds but allowed the smaller birds access to their own fatballs.

Our cat Helix is an effective hunter of birds and mice.  Yesterday morning I chased Helix around the garden to save a blue tit, on this occasion unsuccessfully as she fled into a neighbour garden.  I hold no anger for Helix, since it is the nature of cats to hunt, though I do intervene to save the birds she catches.

As the sun set I sat and enjoyed the happiness in my garden, a blackbird singing in the tree above me.  A spider hung out its web waiting for the abundant gnats.  The helicopter-like buzzing of the rare endangered stag beetles moving around in the air looking for a mate, procreation being always evident in the activities of plant and animal in nature.  My other cat Pebbles sat at my feet also watching the day fall away into night.

Amber the fox appeared in the darkness of the garden, walked up two arm lengths from me, stopped and looked at Pebbles.  The cat Pebbles hissed, the fox took steps closer to Pebbles and attacked.  I intervened and shouted at the fox which yelped and fled, Pebbles fled in another direction, I never saw both again that night.  Then the bats came out, oblivious of the drama below them.


8 responses to “Intervention and the steward

  1. Sounds like your garden is full of drama at the moment Alex… And Cats will be Cats and Fox’s will be Fox’s… and Man will intervene always LOL… And I mean that in the nicest of ways in your case Alex… as you try to save all from harm….
    Lovely photo’s of both…. and glad to hear you have Bats too, I have not seen bats around our home now in a few years.. such a shame… Nor did I hear the Cuckoo this year either… another of Natures species in decline..

    Great post Alex

  2. I love that Amber came within two arm lengths…


  3. [ Smiles ] It is nice that you intervened, because that would have been the end of Pebbles.

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