Nature hides hidden surprises to scare you.

Nature offers many surprises, even a cat in nature.

Nature offers many surprises, even a cat in nature.

I frequently hear of people indulging in roller-coasters and other artificial means to scare themselves, an attempt to rise above a dull life they feel they live.  There is an invisible open doorway via nature for those who desire adventure and surprises, all free and guaranteed never to disappoint.

I am eating in nature in my garden.  I try to get away from my cat Pebbles who can match any dog in making you feel guilty eating whilst they make it clear you should share your food with them.  A huge bumble bee appears and starts circling around my head, it is about to land on my head, I panic and run.  Pebbles is stalking me, I startle her and the cat flees as well.

I calm Pebbles by offering her kitty treats.  Ten minutes later the wind rises.  Pebbles is acting strangely.  The cat is looking at something I am unable to see.  Pebbles chases something, then she flees.  The cat seems to see something invisible to me.  The cat is acrobatic, jumping up on the shed roof, and across a wide space to the house roof with a thud.  The cat spooks me.  I have to coax the cat down with food, who appears now trapped and unsure how to get back down.  It is a strange moment, though I enjoy the realisation that offered food an unpredictable animal becomes predictable.


4 responses to “Spooked

  1. No need to panic about a nearby bumble bee! They’re such softies you practically have to stand on one to get it to sting you.

    Pebbles is a beauty.

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