The sum is greater than its opposing parts

All things need opposites to exist.

Some argue Colchester grey squirrels should be destroyed as pests, yet without a squirrel burying a nut in my garden I would have no hazel tree growing there.

Some argue Colchester grey squirrels should be destroyed as pests, yet without a grey squirrel burying a nut in my garden I would have no hazel tree growing there.

My friend recently said that all rabbits in Britain should be destroyed as pests.  I disagreed on many levels.

112. “Joints are at once a unitary whole and not a unitary whole. To be in agreement is to differ, the concord-ant is the discord-ant. From many things comes oneness, and out of oneness come the many things.”  Heraclitus

What Heraclitus infers is that an object in nature has its opposite, from this opposition everything come into being.  As an example, fire from the sun and its opposite water in a rainstorm produces a rainbow.  If either sun or rain was missing, no rainbow.

In the USA the rabbit is a major food source to the Bald Eagle.  The rabbit is in opposition to the Bald Eagle, but needs the eagle to exist to control the rabbit population that would quickly consume its food sources leading to mass starvation.  If one of the opposites of rabbit and eagle vanished, both would probably vanish, whilst other plants and animals that needed rabbit and eagle would suffer too.

Scientists are observing that the rivals raven and wolf are following the paradox of oppositions working together in harmony for mutual benefit, they are both helping each other in the hunting down of food.  If the raven spots a sick elk, it will make the wolves aware of the prey; the wolves in killing and ripping apart the thick pelt of the elk provides the ravens a feeding opportunity.  Scientists observe that when wolves return to an area colonies of ravens will appear too.  The ravens will play and interact with the wolves.

106. “To God all things are beautiful, good, and right. Men, on the other hand, deem some things right and others wrong.”  Heraclitus.

I hope humanity will abandon the delusion of good and bad in favour of the opposites, for without the conflict of opposites nothing can exist.  The rabbit is just a rabbit, doing what rabbits do, neither inherently good or bad.  The solution to a rabbit problem is looking for its opposite, a bird of prey for instance.  Introducing an opposite causes hidden new possibilities, for instance a new plant species may emerge because the birds of prey reduced the rabbit population.


12 responses to “The sum is greater than its opposing parts

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] I absolutely agree.

    I also enjoy your philosophical posts.

  2. As with so many things in life, it all comes down to balance. Great post, Alex.

  3. Great understanding. I refer back to our discussion on the duality of Yin Yang…

  4. I loved this post Alex… All creatures great and small are here within the cycle to be of service and use in the scheme of Life and how each species is part of that chain …
    Oh dear it saddens me greatly when Man thinks he is so superior in his knowledge that to make things easier for himself he wishes to eliminate the things which he calls Pests!..
    I shake my head Alex, to whom ever said that… its like when man eliminated Fox’s and then moaned about the larger rabbit infestation, Nature finds her own balance in all things ..

    In Africa, the illegal pouches poisoned meat carcases which killed the Buzzards, so they would not give their where-abouts away when they had made a kill on a heard when pouching Ivory… Its now resulted in a scarcity of Vultures etc which in turn has meant more flies, as the carcass now rots and is infested with maggots .. Where as the Vultures cleaned up the countryside… Even Rats have a purpose…. Right down to the Ant…

    Now as for Mankind!.. Now as I see it Alex.. The world could well live and thrive much better without his presence or intervention! 🙂 Don’t you agree? 🙂

    Enjoyed this as I do all your thoughts
    Regards Sue

    • Hi Sue, I often consider what it would be like if mankind vanished, the conclusion is always the same, plants and animals would bounce back fast. The curses of humanity: greed; ignorance; control; – will continue to wreck destruction on the earth until there is a paradigm change, which will only emerge through considerable suffering.

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