One in nature

The joy of knowing nature and self are one.

The butterfly and I enjoyed a common connection in the sun on a fallen tree - we became one.

The butterfly and I enjoyed a common connection in the sun on a fallen tree – we became one.

Sitting upon a fallen dead tree, one that could have but did not kill me when it fell in the storms last year, an orange butterfly flew and settled next to me.  Here we were, butterfly and I, enjoying the warm sun sitting on the same tree trunk like two people on a park bench.  The butterfly would after a time fly away returning later to sit next to me.  In this moment I shared something in common with this butterfly, different species, but living on and coming from the same planet earth.

Another day it is raining, I huddle under the garden conifers eating raspberries, watching the clouds empty their water upon a thirsty garden, my cat Pebbles sitting at my feet.  Out of the fallen branches two little mice played, oblivious to me and the cat, which did not seem to notice them.

For many people there are degrees of separation from nature, us and them.  For some like me, Ubuntu, I am because we are.  There is only connection, the animals and I are one.

Camping in the rain, a knocking at the tent door.  I looked out of the tent, I looked into the eyes of a frog, which then vanished into the rainy darkness.


9 responses to “One in nature

  1. What if the frog were a bear looking for human snack? You might’ve felt less one with it. Unless it ate you, then you WOULD be one with it 🙂 I wonder, isn’t our ability to perceive nature as harmonious with ourselves due to our conquering of it and limiting its inhabitants to only cute and harmless species like butterflies and cats? So actually maybe what we’re feeling isn’t harmony with nature, but rather the submission of nature….

    • If it was a bear I can guarantee I would not be in the vicinity!

      One of the themes of my blog is sustainability, which I personally define as “action in harmony with nature.” My ability to connect with nature is due to my ability to see it for what it is, and my rejection of the deluded human obsession of control. I work with nature, not against nature, thus I suffer less from the adverse face of nature than most people do. This will be a great subject for a future blog post.

  2. Alex, love this post of yours and it resonated with something I was thinking of writing for tomorrow. May I have your permission to republish it over on Learning from Dogs? Paul

  3. Beautifully written.

  4. I love this post Alex, says so much about you and I agree with the being at one with nature as I think my blog must depict…

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