Working and connecting with nature

Ignorance and working against nature has harmful consequences.

Cows are dangerous.  Every year in the UK a walker dies because of their ignorance and lack of respect of cows.

Cows are dangerous. Every year in the UK a walker dies because of their ignorance and lack of respect of cows.

My ability connecting with nature is the result of seeing nature for what it is, and acting in harmony with nature.  The story of polar bears reinforces my point.

A student from my town of Colchester travelled with others to Svalbard Island in Norway known for its population of polar bears.  First ideal is knowing that polar bears are dangerous you keep away from their territories unless it is a matter of vital importance; these students went for the fun of it.  Second ideal is knowing the danger and being prepared for it; these students had no night watch, their trip alarm set in a triangle rather than a rectangle, their gun needed a paperclip to work.  A student died in a polar bear attack, and injured four other members of the expedition.  The polar bear died of its injuries.  Had people respected nature a polar bear and humans would have avoided death and injury.

The video below is about polar bears and huskies working in beautiful harmony.  The owner of the huskies respects the polar bears inherent wildness and works with nature, using fire crackers to educate the polar bears to keep their distance from him at all times.


10 responses to “Working and connecting with nature

  1. There are humans that have learnt to interact with lion as well… it is all about understanding the language and body language… apart from the fact that respect for the animals personal space should always be observed… they give us so many signs when uncomfortable with our presence… something I’ve learnt after so many years to read and respect… from an elephant down to a mongoose they all have their own signs that need to be learnt and observed…

    • Hi Bulldog, yes, I am aware of stories of a few rare brave individuals who have developed a close intimate relationship with lions as well as wolves and polar bears.

      You made a good point about observation and understanding signs the animal gives, people are too rushing, busy and careless to take notice, which is when the trouble starts.

  2. I love the video of the polar bears and huskies – so joyful. It’s a shame people sometimes forget to respect nature as well as enjoy it.

    • People either think nature is the enemy to control or some cute cuddly thing, both delusional.

      I have watched the video many times over the years, I really love the connection between the animals.

  3. Yes, a beautiful video. And would add to Emma’s reply that it’s not just sometimes that people forget to respect nature. Much of the vast global population of people think nature is utterly irrelevant to their lives!

  4. What a lovely video to show friendship within animals and about respect. A lot of people think animals are lower than us humans and they can do anything with them.

    • It is the hubristic nature of many people to see animals as inferior. I watched today as some larvae bug was navigating itself via a thread in midair towards my person skillfully and intelligently; this marvel was a wonder to see, and a mystery how this little creature did it. Intelligence is a relative position, humans only know how to be human, but not how to be a fish, bird or spider.

  5. A healthy respect of Nature is what we should have.. And I was saddened to hear of this when it happened too. Love the video choice too 🙂

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