Camping in nature

Connect with nature in a tent.

Nature is ready to meet and play with adventurous campers.

Nature is ready to meet and play with adventurous campers.

I write this in a thunderstorm in a tent.  I feel secure as the wind seeks to send me off like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  The rain beats its drum upon the tent canvas, as the beast roars its war cry in flashes of white across the heavens.

It is hot.  My relief from the heat is this tent, many times cooler than the poor people living in their over-warm houses tonight.  It was so warm I worked in the garden this evening.  There were large orange “Day Lilies” nearby making me nervous, they close their flowers at night making sudden jerky noises, but I fail to catch their movements, just their quivering in the still air.  My imagination runs wild, they will pull me in amongst them and eat me.

The times I camped in winter  I find it is easier to warm this tent, and stay warm, than the larger space of a room, or an entire house.

Camping in nature comes with certain expectations.  You will be sharing your space with the local wildlife.  I get used to the spiders, ants, beetles that take up residence, the spiders even have built nests in this tent for their babies.  I occasionally leave the tent in place so long some plants grow along the guy ropes.  Be prepared for visits from the local animals, which recently for me included foxes, frogs and hedgehogs; they all are curious and like to share your home comforts. Also, expect surprises, nature is playful: foxes chewed through my guy ropes one night so that the tent fell down on me in a rain storm; a falling tree could have crushed me last year; I woke in flood water a month ago; I have a regular sport chasing out various creatures; I suffer from collisions from passing, mating or fighting animals.  Just now, in the rain, frogs are hopping on and around the tent.

Camping has helped me connect with nature, you cannot help but learn the harsh and beautiful faces that nature presents.  Unusual and unique adventures await the camper.  It is a beautiful experience to wake up as the first bird sings the new day in, followed by others into a full dawn chorus.


9 responses to “Camping in nature

  1. [ Smiles ] Camping in Nature is fun; but not when it is raining. All sorts of insects and even some animals tend to find their way in your tent to safeguard themselves.

  2. You are braver than me! I am a total wimp when it comes to tents and camping, especially when small slithery creatures are involved. I don’t mind a rustic cabin up in the mountains, though – waking up to the sound of a stream or twittering birds is very peaceful but I prefer to listen to them from a warm bed, with a mug of tea clasped between my cold hands. When we were children my sister and I had a tent in our back garden. It was our greatest wish to spend a night in it, but our parents wouldn’t allow it. (Perhaps that’s where my wimp-ness comes from, so it’s not altogether my fault…?) I enjoy your blog and admire your fortitude.

    • My dream is to live in a small cabin or a hobbit-like home in nature perhaps near a stream in a wood. You can certainly come up close to nature when camping, and it helps you see the world from a different point of view. It is a shame you did not get to experience camping at night in the garden as a child, it would have been a magical experience.

  3. I feel the same wake about the first bird singing. Wonderful post.

  4. A post that generates a wonderful range of mental pictures. If your travels ever bring you to this place, and I do hope they might, we’ll arrange for a guest tent somewhere in the woods. Maybe Mr. Bear will drop by to greet you! Lovely post, Alex.

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