Nature is stronger than humanity

Nature is stronger than humanity in any struggle.

Nature is opportunistic taking advantage of any situation to live, grow and procreate.  This young starling in Colchester is a member of a species that successfully uses the roof structures of town houses to nest in.

Nature is opportunistic taking advantage of any situation to live, grow and procreate. This young starling in Colchester is a member of a species that successfully uses the roof structures of town houses to nest in.

Walking in a location called Hilly Fields in Colchester with my camera I met a fellow visitor who remembered the place as an empty set of fields for cattle during the 1970’s.  Over forty years later Hilly Fields is woodland, and it is hard to imagine this place now with no trees but grassland for cows.  Nature will quickly take over a place and return a wasteland to a living chaos of rampant plant and animal if the opportunity arises.

Even in my garden I see the procreative power of nature.  I can mow the lawn and four days later it flowers and fast growing vegetation cover the lawn again.  I remove the so-called weeds from the paving stones in the same garden, but days later the same plants emerge again.  In battle with nature over my garden, nature is winning.

There is a wonderful set of photographs showing how nature has run wild in Detroit in the USA, which was hit hard by the economic chaos from 2007.   People have abandoned whole neighborhoods in Detroit, and nature has taken advantage, a metaphor of the power of nature against human civilisation.  It is highly unlikely humanity can kill off all plants and animals on planet earth, there will come a tipping point when it becomes unsustainable for humanity to survive as a species, and nature will from the remaining plants and animals create tens of millions of new versions to replace the losses.  Detroit is a perfect metaphor of natures strength against humanity, a lesson to heed unless humanity wants to experience Detroit across the face of human civilisation.


22 responses to “Nature is stronger than humanity

  1. Yes, she is. That’s why she survives.

  2. If we weren’t here, or the race met its demise somehow, nature would recover all that we have made/destroyed in the blink of an eye. No bones about that.


  3. It’s not a struggle; humanity is part of nature. It’s like saying Earth is no match for planets.

    • Hi Mikels, thanks for your comment. Struggle is one of the common patterns of nature, for instance I witnessed the battle between a hoverfly and a spider a few days ago, for both there was a desire for survival and life, the fly wanted to escape and live, the spider needed to eat to live. My friend struggled with my cat to put a flea collar on her. Humanity struggles daily in life. The worst and needless struggle is when humanity seeks to impose control on nature rather than work with it, for instance building houses in floodplains or in the natural path of wildfires, in such situations people are asking for trouble.

  4. Yes thank goodness! Great post~

  5. Hi Alex! Hahaha! I enjoyed your post though I must admit that I am in agreement with Mikels Skele on this one. What comes to mind is that the only ones fighting on this planet are the humans; everything else is in complete agreement about the abundance and wonder of life…

    • War and struggle is one of the common patterns of nature. Humanity is often the fool as you say for employing strategies in fighting nature rather than working with it. It is often a paradox of the clash of opposites that abundance and wonder arises in nature, for instance a great rain storm clashing with the beaming sun produces rainbows.

  6. I have always been fascinated at how quickly nature moves to reclaim it’s own and how we are but a part of a greater whole. Being a gardener I see this played out in a small scale throughout the year.
    Great post. Made me think…

    • Everyone who takes time to connect and observe nature can see these patterns like you and I. Having a garden is a great opportunity to see nature in action, I have learnt so much in my current garden from watching it transform through the seasons.

  7. Humanity may win some battles, but nature wins the war. Then again, some battles have been pretty decisive, like the desertification of the Aral Sea.

  8. there is another place where yo can see nature at its best… the old Chernobyl ground…life is back there!

  9. I agree with you that nature will outlast us no matter what we do (barring any future, world-destroying technology we might create). But we do have a profound effect on the balances that are already in place. Life will go on, but it saddens me to see life as it is irrevocably altered for selfish or trivial reasons. Not necessarily clearing a plot for a parking lot, years from now that can be restored. But clearing out a rainforest that happens to be the only thing the last of a species has left to call home. That’s the kind of change I’m thinking.

    • Actions such as clearing out a rainforest has short-term benefits to humanity but ultimately longer-term negative consequences. Nature has billions of years to recover, most cities would be rioting without food in a matter of days or weeks.

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