Subconscious butterfly

My second important teacher is my subconscious.

The subconscious is like a playful beautiful butterfly half hidden in the shadows.

The subconscious is like a playful beautiful butterfly half hidden in the shadows.

The cryptic philosopher Heraclitus offers my mind a testing puzzle like Socrates says a deep-sea diver looking for pearls in dark waters.  This quest to unravel the mysteries Heraclitus coded in his metaphorical observations from nature is my current passion both in waking life and in dream.

My first teacher is nature, because it was from nature that Heraclitus built his philosophy, my second teacher is my subconscious.  We are only aware of a small fraction of the mental activity going on in our brain, most which happens in the darkness of the mysterious and dreaming darkness of the subconscious.

Last night my second teacher helped me solve a range of puzzles relating to Heraclitus via a series of dreams. I quickly recorded and translated the dreams, finding like the deep-sea diver my pearls.

For my readers benefit I record some observations about this second teacher, our subconscious.  Your brain records your dreams in short-term memory, they vanish from memory rapidly, you have moments to record them on waking before you forget them.  Dreams deal with subjects of the last 48 hours of waking life.  Dream code is relative and unique to the individual, you won’t find translations of your dreams in a book, such tools are useless.  Remembering and translating the code of your dreams comes with practice and experience.  The subconscious like nature is playful, it will take a theme, question, or problem then play with it from many angles, thus you will get a series of dreams on the same pattern in the night.  A strong clearly defined problem results in a clearer targeted response from the subconscious in dream.  The human brain is a pattern processing machine, it processes, plays, builds and communicates in patterns.  Your dreams often works with the same types of metaphorical code as you use in waking life, know this code, you will know what your subconscious is saying.

Most people sleep a third of their lives away, so it is worthwhile using such time as an opportunity to learn about and work with your subconscious in problem solving.


6 responses to “Subconscious butterfly

  1. Good post Alex. Thank you

  2. Yes, I agree. I keep a journal by my bed to write them down. I still haven’t pieced together the meanings. I guess that comes with time.

  3. What an interesting and informative post. One that I agree with completely. In fact, our unplanned move from Arizona to Oregon was directly the result of a strange dream that I had in the summer of 2012.

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