My office in nature

Mixing business with pleasure.

My office plants.

My office plants.

I am managing director of a corporate, my office at the center of this pillar of capitalism is a table in the garden.  The stereotypical office most people think of happens not to my thing, in front of me is Kevin, a spider, sitting patiently for dinner in the middle of a beautiful web.  The corporate director usually has the benefit of a secretary to keep blood sucking parasites at bay, I have Kevin, this spider is great against mosquitoes.

Instead of the sounds of fax machines, photocopiers and cellphones, I have Pebbles meowing for a treat.  Where there should be a drink vending machine is a bottle of water I share with this cat in her water bowl.

Every office has its romance, two pigeons in my office are doing it again in noisy fashion on top of the roof.  I do not think there has been anywhere these pigeons have not indulged in x-rated liaisons in the garden, it is most distracting as I file accounts ready for the tax people.

In any office at the center of corporate capitalism you get visitors all day long.  Amber the fox walks in, sniffs and then disappears into the bushes looking for a mouse.


4 responses to “My office in nature

  1. Love this! What a wonderful place to work.

  2. Am certain that your office visitors come with far more integrity than you would find in those ‘other’ offices! Wonderful post, Alex.

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