Happy Autumn 2014

The first day of autumn passed with sunburn and lightning.

An apple on a tree in my garden, part of nature's autumn bounty.

An apple on a tree in my garden, these are huge apples, part of the autumn bounty of nature.

The Celts call the festival of autumn Lughnasadh, named after the Celtic archetype Lugh, associated with the sun and lightning, which the first day of August gave to me – sunburn and sleeping in a lightning storm.

The fruit is abundant and came out early this year, free and wild, from plums to blackberries.  Like all the wildlife I have been enjoying a banquet feast of healthy fruit straight off the tree, no need to pay £$£$ to a food store for tasteless chemically treated fruit.

August they say will be one of the hottest months on record in Britain, and I predict heavy rainstorms, spectacular lightning storms and high temperatures.  This is the time I am glad I will be out camping in a tent at night.


5 responses to “Happy Autumn 2014

  1. Our local newspaper, the Grants Pass Courier, has today reported that July was a record hot month for this part of Oregon. All around the world we see the same story, yet the absence of any governmental response to this approaching crisis is astounding. As is said, the sound of silence is deafening!

    Likewise here with thunderstorms and lightning strikes and a growing number of wildfires!

    Interesting times!

    • You mentioned in a post in the recent past that the southern ocean was the warmest it has been, indicating that the weather in the coming year is going to be a roller-coaster ride.

  2. Now they look fine apples.. An apple tree I don’t have Alex, but I have a cousin who does.. and he supplies me with great cooking apples.. that just lasted and lasted as I stored them in the side shed.. 🙂

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