Finding calm in the storm

Find calm in living things amongst stormy chaos.

Living things in nature offer an opportunity to step outside of the storms of human society into a calm.

Living things in nature offer an opportunity to step outside of the storms of human society into a calm.

Human society encourages you to become anxious, always in a state of panic. The adrenaline constantly runs like an angry river, the constant demands of electronic devices, deadlines and noise.  The news is always ugly, full of fear and worry.  Human society is a constant raging hurricane of angry fear.

Randomly a cat runs up to you.  The cat demands your attention, to draw you outwards from the storm to a world of calm.  Looking around yourself you notice a world of calm, the birds sing, the light calm breeze, the distant sounds of happy children playing.  You realise the illusion you have become trapped in has become dispelled by a living creature that has no understanding or care about the angry world of human society.  You are calm, as the cat enjoys your company.  The cat has pulled you out of the storm into a calm centre.


21 responses to “Finding calm in the storm

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  2. The unconditional love that cats and dogs give us humans is beyond measure. As you write, they have no understanding or care about our angry world. Nice post, Alex.

  3. Thank you for dropping by my blog Alex – have followed you. And the amazing thing is that what you’ve posted, is so much akin to my post – synchronicity or what! 🙂

  4. I found this today too. It’s so soothing listening to the sound of my cat Bob purring.

  5. The argument can be made, and ought to be made, that, in this raging storm, being calm should be the least of our worries. There is all too much calm about big things, and too much tempests in tea pots.

    • A calm mind is a wise mind.

      • If one believes that, the Americans were sure wise to keep calmly supporting Hitler in 1939. The Japanese were sure wise to calmly support Hiro Hito, from 1937 (Nanking) to Pearl Harbor (1941), and beyond. And those who do not give a hoot about whether humanity is poisoning the biosphere, are certainly very calm, thus very wise. Meanwhile, Nile crocodiles, who barely move for months in winter, have got to be the wisest.

      • Calm provides the opportunity for wisdom to emerge, metaphorically like soil waiting for the seed. The mind that is angry, in emotional turmoil, acts like the drunk, and they will never make wise choices or actions.

        The Americans were wise to avoid war, and they were wise to stay out of other peoples political problems until those aggressors began to attack them.

        The destruction of the life support systems that sustain humanity on Earth is due to greed, control and hubris. Calm is a friend rather than the enemy on the path to reversing the problems of humanity.

  6. My son says ht world would be better with more cats…… somehow he is right if we learnt form them!

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  8. Yes.. that is why I so so love Cats.. 🙂

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