Becoming a caring source to others

 Find your internal source, it will ripple change into the world.

I like to be close to water when I need to think.  This water source and its bridge in Colchester was an inspiration for the Liberated Way logo.

I sit close to running water when I need to think. This water source and its bridge in Colchester was an inspiration for the Liberated Way logo.

I share Celtic reverence for sources of water, springs that erupt out of the ground, or sources of the great British rivers.   My ancient ancestors considered water sources as sacred: the ancient neolithic structures such as Stonehenge cluster around the source of the River Avon; the cave paintings of Chauvet focus upon a vulva-like cave opening from which a spring emerges with a stampede of painted animals on the walls, born out of the source into the world; Colchester’s Balkerne Gate springs once had a temple to the three Roman mothers; near Colchester at St Osyth is a memory of an ancient female spirit of a spring transformed into a Christian saint.

Sources of water to my ancient ancestors was the source of all things, all the animals the hunter gatherers hunted came from this source, and returned to it.  Prosperity (health, happiness, abundance) came forth from that symbolised as the sources of water.  Water sources became the focus of legend, stories and reverence of nature spirits.  All things came from, then returned to this source. The Tao Te Ching (40) says:

“The movement of the Tao
By contraries proceeds;
And weakness marks the course
Of Tao’s mighty deeds.

All things under heaven sprang from It as existing (and named);
that existence sprang from It as non-existent (and not named).”

Until a few hundred years ago a major water source for Colchester ran between the Roman walls and the hill of St Johns Green known as the Lose Brook. Aptly for its name, this water source is lost. I plan to locate the centre of my business near to a water source like the Lose Brook. I will find such a water source, uncover it and bring it back into use. Just as I focus on caring for living things or business customers, so the source of the strength of the business is a social contract between society, nature and the business tied together and centered into an authentic tangible narrative of a spring. Out of this centre ripples all the business processes into the internet and the world. The ever-present spring at the heart of the business will remind me of my social contract with nature and society based on values such as sustainability and localism, and woe anyone who forgets it.

Each individual must find their own internal source, for it is the source of their strength. Personal and human prosperity or ruin revolves around the source, forgetful people will suffer only ruin, those that remember will have harmony. The Tao of the Tao Te Ting, or the Logos of Heraclitus is this source, symbolised by the spring, well or fountain. You must first find your internal source, merge with it, become governed by it, stay centered on it, then the ripples of positive change you make into the world will come out of it.


9 responses to “Becoming a caring source to others

  1. I couldn’t agree more with that philosophy Alex.. Water is still revered within the small villages in the form of Well Dressings too as thanks is given to the Springs.. lovely post

    • It is good to hear that this tradition still lives on in some communities in Britain 🙂

      Such an attitude should stop fracking in its tracks if ever a battle results involving such communities.

      • Oh Alex I wish it would.. but as landowners are getting financial intensives to allow Fracking on their land its inevitable that it will go ahead..
        Here in the East Mids its been granted permission.. You will see on my site a Ban Fracking sign on my site.. Below ground is web of coal mining tunnels we already have subsidence from ex mine-workings so throw Fracking into the mix and we are in for big trouble.. Wish is was so easy.. So many protested and still its going ahead.

      • I was encouraged by the success of the anti-fracking campaign last year (?) in the UK, I hope East Mids communities fights it and win. My local area is unlikely to have any fracking because the geology is sand and gravel rather than shale rock.

  2. A lovely reverence; not all that different in some cases from facets of Native American spirituality — to which I subscribe and honor. Must be the Irish blood in me that enables and appreciates this focus. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on cissyblue and commented:
    Identifying our roots can bring great calm.

  4. Great post Alex. Reminds me of:

    When the 10,000 things become one,
    then we return to the center,
    where we have always been.

    ~ Chuang-Tse

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