Step outside of time

Time is an illusion.

The sun gives us a sense of time, but it is not time, we have created an illusion of time in our heads.  It is possible to step outside of this illusion by seeing it for what it is, a fantasy.

The sun gives us a sense of time, but the sun is not time, we have created an illusion of time in our heads. It is possible to step outside of this illusion by seeing it for what it is, a fantasy.

Look about you.  The last time you were there compared to now, has anything changed? It is likely you may discover something has changed, even if it is only the clothes you are wearing or how you have positioned yourself.  You will compare a memory of what was to the picture you see now, and you will note change, a sense of time.

The clock near me measures change, a series of regular ticks, and three hands that move about a clock face measuring out time.  That is all these clocks measure, a set beats against numbers relative to something in motion.  My ancient ancestors the Celts measured their year by nights, and by the cycles of the moon; they defined the start of the new year in the North of the world at the Winter Solstice, because to them their world started out of darkness.  An individuals sense of time is relative to their position on the planet, since objects in motion they measure time against such as the sun behaves differently to them, for instance some parts of this world the day and night is always equal, but in other parts it is mostly night or day.  On Mars the solar day and the solar year is different to that of Earth, because the motion of Mars is different to that of Earth relative to the Sun.

Individuals make the error of seeing time as something external to them, perhaps as a dimension, or as a force that is acting upon them.  What we measure and perceive as change gives rise to a perceptual error of a sense of time.  Now in your environment you will likely notice that it has changed compared to your last memory of it, or a memory of months or years past; this overall sense of change is due to changes of the individual parts in your environment acting either in their own agency or their interactions with each other.  Even now as you move about your environment you are changing it, you are moving particles of dust and air around, small changes that over many days will become large noticeable changes. The agency of change in your environment comes from the parts themselves rather than from an external agency of time acting upon them.

At any moment all that exists is present, everything has no presence in a subjective past or future, it all exists in the now rather than anywhere else.  Since all that can and does exist is in the now, time travel to a past or a future is nothing more than subjective opinion, a fantasy, a fiction that has no reality in nature.

Are you able to step outside of the illusion of time, becoming liberated from its subjective illusion? How does that feel? What now is your sense of reality?


14 responses to “Step outside of time

  1. May I ask, do you make any distinction between ‘clock time’ (space-time), and ‘psychological time’ (subjective time)?

    Many thanks.


    • The distinction is how it is useful to me. “Clock time” is useful because I can organise my activities by it.

      “Psychological time” is useful in dealing with situations of a critical nature which can speed up or slow down the delivery/processing of information into the brain. Some small animals process more information than a human per second for survival reasons, meaning to them the sense of time is slowed down.

  2. Sometimes Alex. and hour can seemingly pass in minutes, while at times minutes can seem like hours… Time is within our perception.. And Loved this read…. 🙂 Thank you

  3. I think if a hummingbird measured its wingbeats the same we humans do, they’d go crazy and give up. 3000 beats a minute? No thanks.

  4. Well said! 😀

  5. Was I able to step outside of the illusion of time? I believe I nearly did reading your blog. What a thought provoking set of words, worthy of a second, third, and perhaps more, reads.

    • Thanks for the links John. I found the linking of particle and wave in light as a spiral as an interesting insight. Yes, everything appears to be relative to the individual.

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